ESI ITI Engineering project examples

We at ESI ITI always tend to think "beyond the box" – and like new topics and tricky tasks. We listen carefully. We analyse. We give advice. And we are successful in close collaboration with our customers, as can be seen from our project examples.

Software and engineering services for the dynamic calculation of complex system behaviours

The implementation of desired properties, e.g. in drive systems of vehicles, plants and machineries, is still challenging for calculation engineers in many industries and pushes existing design methods and tools to their limits. We from ITI offer you our engineering services and overall system expertise together with our proprietary standardised software for multiphysical simulation. This combination is unique worldwide and the reason why our engineering service projects are so successful for our customers.


Best chassis designs with ESI ITI engineering services

From drive and chassis simulation through driving dynamics and energy efficiency down to virtual testing. ESI ITI engineering services help you keep track of the huge number of variants and find efficient solutions to typical simulation tasks. Our goal is the same: to further optimise gearshift comfort, ride comfort and ride stability, NVH (noise vibration harshness) and energy efficiency. Our simulation software SimulationX received an award for drive systems by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) already in 2006. Since then we have been working on new tools and programs together with renowned partners to make drive system developments still more efficient for our customers. 

Engineering projects automotive
Plant and machinery

Modelling and holistic simulation of plant and machinery

There is a growing demand for the engineering expertise of the ESI ITI team in the dynamic system simulation of plant and machinery. No matter whether steady state or dynamic – ESI ITI engineers use SimulationX to develop new and innovative plant and machinery concepts to meet the exacting needs of today's complex machine designs. Have a look at project examples.

Engineering projects plant and machinery

Which calculation program suits you best?

Whatever your level of experience in simulation, whether a novice of old hand – the multiphysical simulation software SimulationX is available both at entry and expert levels.