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SimulationX 4.0 - Efficient working with the new GUI


  • Structure of the new GUI with backstage and ribbons
  • Efficient workflows using floaties
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SimulationX 4.0 Release Highlights Webinar


  • Simulating systems incl. tolerances, aging, wear and faults
  • Combining vehicle systems with 3D vehicle dynamics
  • New GUI concept for enhanced clarity and productivity
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Wind Farms Health Monitoring and Prognostic

Reaching the optimal health monitoring for wind turbines and reducing operation and maintenance costs while ensuring high level of performance remains the biggest challenge for Wind Farms.Today new approaches allow to relieve remaining gaps (such as data availability, representatively and physical behavior) and to address the specificities of each farm.

In this webinar, we highlight how coupling physics-based model with data analytics and machine learning enriches turbine monitoring and opens new fields for Wind Farm owners in their predictive maintenance strategy.

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Developing and Virtually testing Electric Vehicles using System Modeling

Bringing electric vehicles (EVs) to the market, which are profitable, reliable and fit for everyday use is still a challenge. While most correlations and phenomena in conventional, combustion engine powered vehicles are well understood, the different system setup in EVs and new components such as the battery create new tasks for engineers to solve.


  • Optimal energy management, including battery, motor as well as cooling and heating systems
  • Battery aging evaluations and optimizing battery lifetime (including thermal management)
  • NVH phenomena in electric powertrains
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Simulation-based development of compressors

Experts from suppliers, OEMs and service providers will meet in March as part of the workshop "Simulation-based development of compressors" at the ESI ITI Academy in Dresden. Application scenarios of multiphysical system simulation with SimulationX in a complex system of control, mechanics, fluid technology and thermics are discussed. The possibilities of Big Data, Machine Learning and Industry 4.0 in the development of modern compressors are also discussed. The workshop will be completed by an application example from one of our customers.

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Reducing energy consumption of conventional, hybrid and electrical vehicles through system simulation


  • Reducing CO2 emmisions in conventional and hybrid powertrains
  • Increasing the range of electrical vehicles
  • Introduction on modeling, simulating and analyzes based on system simulation
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Finding a simulation software that suits you best

Whatever your level of experience in simulation, whether a novice or old hand – SimulationX is available both at entry and higher levels. Find out which version suits you best.

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