Conference on system simulation and meeting point of the SimulationX Community

ESI SimulationX User Forum, November 24 - 25, 2016 in Dresden

ESI SimulationX User Forum – We say “Thank you!”

“Moving on to new worlds” – The former ITI Symposium presented itself for the first time as the ESI SimulationX User Forum. 

The mix of over 40 inspiring presentations and insightful interactive sessions attracted over 180 SimulationX users! We want to thank all speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees for this successful user convention! New and familiar faces were discussing the latest SimulationX projects, engaged in networking activities and enjoyed the entertainment. Our photographer has captured some impressions which you can find here. 

As part of this year’s ESI SimulationX User Forum, the ESI ITI jury presented again the Best Paper Award and the Best Graduate Thesis Award. The winners of the Best Paper Award 2016 are Matthias Taubert from MAN, Andreas Trittel-Schabacker from the University of Kassel and Maximilian Zinner from the ARRK Group. The Best Graduate Thesis Award went to Henryk Haufe from the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences. 

We would like to invite you to the next SimulationX user convention from November 7 to 8, 2017! We are looking forward to seeing you next year in Weimar as part of the ESI DACH Forum! More details about the event and the Call for Papers will be made available in due time on the ESI homepage.

Program Day 1

  • presentation
  • interactive workshop
  • tutorial

Welcome and Introduction
Monika Zwettler | konstruktionspraxis
Dr. Andreas Uhlig | ESI ITI

Keynote: Attribute design in handling and ride through simulation and testing
Prof. Günther Prokop | TU Dresden

Keynote: Introduction of ESI Group
Marco Gremaud | ESI Group

  • Simulation of the Hydraulic Roll Relief System for TAKRAF Roll Crushers Dr. Marko Schmidt, Takraf
  • System simulation of belt conveyors and their application Ulf Richter, ABB; René Noack, ESI ITI
  • Energy saving potentials in heavy machinery through open circuit displacement control Roman Ivantysyn, TU Dresden (IFD)
  • SimulationX Machine Models Enhancing Machine Controls Development Dr. Thomas Neubert, Hydrive Engineering
  • Loading of hoist gearings due to fast running motors and additional brakes Prof. Stefan Vöth, TH Georg Agricola
  • DEM-4-X: Discrete Element Method (DEM) for SimulationX – Bulk Material Behaviour & Machine Model Christian Richter, TU Dresden; Jörg Arloth, ESI ITI
  • Improving Energy Efficiency using Transient Refrigeration Cycles Dr. Michael Löffler, Engineering Office Löffler
  • Holistic District Heating Grid Design with SimulationX/Green City René Unger, Torsten Schwan, EA Systems
  • Practical Experiences with Smart Homes Modelling and Simulation Wessam El-Baz, TU München
  • Occupant Behavior of a Plus Energy Building Regarding Monitoring and Standard Values Henryk Haufe, HTWK Leipzig
  • Hands-on workshop: Simulating coupled electricity and heat grids for urban districts Torsten Schwan, EASD
  • Process simulation of the paper machines Bettina Grashof, Voith Paper
  • Creation of Mechatronic Simulation Templates in SimulationX for Component Dimensioning Stefan Haus, Karl Mayer
  • Fast Servo Hydraulic Actuator: Simulation vs. Testing Dr. Mihai Vulcan, Hatebur
  • Workshop: Modeling of a two-wheeled, self-balancing System ESI ITI
Science & Education
  • Physiology in fracture to optimize a cooling and compression bandage Annekathrin Päßler, TU Dresden (IFTE)
  • System, process development and simulation of a regulated test bench for hoists Andreas Max, HS Magdeburg-Stendal
  • Simulation of thermal behavior in wet clutches Andreas Trittel-Schabacker, TU Kassel
  • HINO’s Commercial Vehicle Air Brake System Development Using SimulationX Ryoma Takeda, HINO
  • Implementation of a 3D rotating driveshaft in a 1D drivetrain simulation using the Krylov subspace method and the FE-Import module Maximilian Zinner, P+Z
  • Simulating of trap case between car glass and sealing with SimumlationX and ANSYS Thomas Sauernheimer, Brose
  • SimulationX and the sound design of rear mufflers of motor vehicles Tobias Ott, SAE Stuttgart
  • Workshop: Powertrain Modeling ESI ITI
  • A simulative analysis of vibrations among trains due to fluctuating latencies of commands David Meinel, FAPS
  • A new model for the calculation of the wheel-rail-contact in SimulationX Dr. André Theiler, TU Dresden (IFB); Karsten Todtermuschke, ESI ITI
  • tba ESI ITI
Immersive Virtual Engineering @ ESI
  • Visual Machine Learning for Simulation Data Mining Suzana Djurcilov, ESI Group
Program Day 2

  • presentation
  • interactive workshop
  • turorial

New in SimulationX 3.8
Thomas Hofmann, Thomas Neidhold

ESI - Portfolio
Andreas Renner | ESI Group

Automated Simulation with Parameter Variation on Large Diesel Engines
Matthias Taubert | MAN

  • Dynamic Behavior of Steam Power Processes Jan Braune, Jan Scheffler; TU Hamburg Harburg
  • Power Plant Simulation with SimulationX using the Modelica Library ClaRa Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Gottelt, XRG
  • Suitability of a buoy to measure wave heights on inland lakes Gerd Fischer, BTU Cottbus
  • Live Presentation of an intelligent 3D Module Configurator and Model Evaluation System of Power Train System in the Field Power Generation Thomas Günther, FAB
  • Additional loads in the mechanical drive train of wind turbines caused by electrical grid deviations Werner Horn, Katrin Peter, SKF
  • Reproducing battery operating behavior – from measurements to battery simulation Dominik Dvorak, Thomas Bäuml, AIT
  • Embedded simulation via FMI for wear and tear processes Julia Gundermann, ESI ITI
  • Generic feed axis library for machine tools Christian Friedrich, TU Dresden
  • How to Integrate Virtual Commissioning and Variant Handling Johannes Möck, HS Reutlingen
  • Consistent Engineering by integrating SimulationX with SysML and PLM Michael Pfenning, XPLM; Benedict Wohlers, Frauenhofer IEM; Bastian Binder, ESI ITI
  • Co-Simulation requirements in the building sector based on the FMI standard Kristin Majetta, Fraunhofer IIS
  • Simulation of thermal systems as basis for variance-based sensitivity analysis Regel, TU Chemnitz
Science & Education
  • SimulationX - the Challenge of modern Academic Lecturing on Applied Science Universities with focus to the "New Media"-Students Generation Prof. Winfried Egger, FH Kärnten
  • From SimulationX beginner to expert: E-Learning in science and education ESI ITI
Immersive Virtual Engineering @ ESI
  • Virtual Reality Demonstration with IC.IDO Dr. Michael Kerausch, ESI Group
  • Modeling techniques for advanced users ESI ITI
  • Debugging ESI ITI
  • How-to-Visualisation ESI ITI
Program Overview