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ESI SimulationX Conference, November 8 - 9, 2018

This session offers researchers, users and decision-makers useful insights into the latest technologies and trends in the area of aerospace. We have prepared a well-rounded program on simulation scenarios from industrial and scientific applications.

Day 1


Model-Based Development for Affordable and ReliableSpace Craft and Launch Vehicle by Utilizing Multi-Physics-System-Level Modeling and Simulation Tool-Chain
Kaname Kawatsu, JAXA
10.10 AM: room Hamburg

Session leader: tba


Gas turbine for helicopters
Lionel Belmon, Global Crown
4.00 PM: room Hamburg II

Electrohydraulic propulsion system of the aircraft aileron in SimulationX
Dr. Maxim Andreev, ESI ITI
4.30 PM: room Hamburg II

Practical Implementation of Model based system engineering from requirements to simulation verification
Song Likang, AVIC Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry Group Corporation Limited
4.00 PM: room Hamburg II

Basic gas turbine library and its application within integrated jet engine performance design and virtual verification process
Dr. Marcel Gottschall, ESI ITI
4.30 PM: room Hamburg II

Aerospace Workshop: Nov. 8th, 2018

Are you curious to know how your fellow colleagues are already using multiphysics system simulation to correctly calculate the close interaction of mechanical, electrical, fluidic and control components towards the goal of more electric aircraft?

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ESI SimulationX Conference, November 8 - 9, 2018

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