Forum Mining & Mobile Machinery

ESI SimulationX User Forum, November, 24 - 25, 2016

Whether you are an operator or manufacturer, expert or beginner – attendees can choose from a variety of presentations in this session block presented by SimulationX users from various industries and research bodies.

Day 1

Session leader: Dr. Friedrich, TU Freiberg

Presentations Morning Session

Simulation of the Hydraulic Roll Relief System for TAKRAF Roll Crushers
Dr. Marko Schmidt, TAKRAF 
11.00 AM: room "Gartensaal"

System simulation of belt conveyors and their application
Ulf Richter, Thomas Lenze, ABB; René Noack, ESI ITI 
11.30 AM: room "Gartensaal"                  

Energy saving potentials in heavy machinery through open circuit displacement control
Roman Ivantysyn, TU Dresden (IFD)
12.00 AM: room "Gartensaal" 

Sessionleader: Hilmar Jähne, Hydrive Engineering

Presentations Afternoon Session

SimulationX Machine Models Enhancing Machine Controls Development
Thomas Neubert, Hydrive Engineering; Sebastian Simon, Palfinger Platforms 
2.00 PM: room "Gartensaal"

Loading of hoist gearings due to fast running motors and additional brakes
Stefan Vöth, Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola
2.30 PM: room "Gartensaal"                  

DEM-4-X: Discrete Element Method (DEM) for SimulationX – Bulk Material Behaviour & Machine Model
Christian Richter, TU Dresden; Jörg Arloth, ESI ITI
3.00 PM: room "Gartensaal" 

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