Simulating Mobile Machinery

The development of innovative construction machinery with SimulationX allows for early analyses in the design process and spares us expensive prototyp

Thomas Esche, Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH

Mobile machinery – reliable, economical, comfortable, energy efficient

Be it construction machinery, agricultural machinery, forestry equipment or municipal vehicles – manufacturers of mobile machinery must develop their products in a way that such machines can cope with challenging environments throughout alternating work cycles – and often enough there are no predevelopment resources available. With a powerful package comprising our simulation software, engineering expertise and a broad network of industrial partners and research experts, your product development runs economically and sustainably right from the very start. ESI ITI’s engineers support you throughout the entire development process of mobile machinery.

New in SimulationX 3.8
  • Evaluate complex three-dimensional rope and belt drives through detailed and convenient simulation

    Operating complex rope and belt assemblies with high precision including offshore heave compensation requires accurate controls and clever engineering. With the new, dedicated model library with pulleys, drums and belts/ropes, you can create detailed models of spatial rope and belt drives or winders for cables and wires fast and efficiently. Evaluate all interactions between belt or rope, input, output and controls as well as occurring forces and torques.

  • Evaluate the influence of humidity in air and other gases in air conditioning systems or industrial processes

    In HVAC systems and many manufacturing processes, the right humidity level is crucial for the human comfort or the product quality. Furthermore, the heat balance of thermal systems, for example in air coolers or condensing boilers, is influenced if vapor inside the air or gas condensates.Gases and mixtures in SimulationX can now incorporate humidity. Get reliable information about the condensing behavior of thermal systems based on accurate simulation results!

  • Ensure safety and comfort during braking maneuvers of cars and motorbikes (including influences of ABS and ESP)

    The new, dedicated model library Hydraulic Brake Systems helps speed up the development process for brake systems. Analyze resulting forces at the wheel brake cylinder and the “pedal feeling” during braking maneuvers with comprehensive system simulation. Use the ready-made, detailed braking component models for evaluations of braking comfort and for analyses of the vehicle’s overall behavior (e.g. stability during braking or ABS/ESP intervention).

  • Design reliable lubrication systems inside engines and gearboxes

    Simulate the oil-circulation system for lubricating combustion engines and gearboxes with SimulationX and the new model library “Hydraulic Lubrication”. Examine whether the chosen design provides sufficient lubrication at the desired bearings with respect to heat input, heat transport and other influencing factors.

  • Simulate electric machines, which serve as generator or motor, without the need to have detailed knowledge in electrical and controls engineering

    With dedicated circuit models, which are easily parameterized with catalogue data and the desired automatic controller action, design engineers can simulate the behavior of electric machines interacting with mechanical and electrical components. Electrical engineers benefit from ready-to-use circuit models for efficient and easy modeling, simulation and detailed analyses of the power electronics and controls in electric machines.

  • Market Requirements

    Developing innovative mobile machinery

    In order to meet the rising performance requirements of their customers, manufacturers need to find the optimum balance in the interaction between man and machinery for each work cycle. Stricter environmental as well as health and safety regulations, especially tighter exhaust gas limits for industrial engines (Stage/Tier IV) call for new, less consuming concepts without impacting performance in a negative way. This has enormous consequences for the entire layout of increasingly complex machines. Recuperation, light-weighted design and alternative drive systems are the most promising solution approaches in the current development of mobile machinery. Take advantage of cutting-edge multiphysics simulation tools to push and realize your ideas within economical boundaries.

    Requirements for manufacturers:

    • Counter time and cost pressure in product development effectively also with small development teams
    • Understand and master the growing complexity of heavy machinery as well as the requirements of an increased use of mechatronics
    • Integrate development and testing of a growing number of control units early in the design process
    • Handle a broad diversity of variants efficiently
    • Integrate varying components from suppliers fast and safely
    • Prove and ensure reliability, availability, maintainability and safety
    • Support processes for division of labor – between suppliers and OEMs as well as between different branches or departments of the same company
    • Ensure compliance with legal requirements and standards already during the development
    • Prevent warranty issues up front

    Requirements for operators:

    • Maintain a high quality level in meeting increased performance and environmental requirements
    • Integrate mobile machinery in homogenously linked work processes (e.g. road construction)
    • Comply with environmental as well as health and safety standards (energy efficiency, vibrational comfort, noise, dirt and exhaust gas emissions)
    • Increase ease of use and comfort
    • Reduce costs and time for installation and erection procedures of cranes, for example
    • Ensure maximum availability of the machinery and keep maintenance costs at a minimum
    • Train personnel free of risk with realistic training simulators

    How much energy is little energy?

    How much energy does it take to move mountains? How can we bring the vision of a green wheel loader to life? As a longstanding partner of leading car makers around the world, we know the ins and outs of innovative development topics, such as optimized combustion engines, hybridization, fast moving electric motors and all kinds of control units. Benefit from our experience. Let us apply together state-of-the-art development methods to your mobile machinery and your product development environment. Make an appointment for a personal consultation straightaway.

    Our Offer

    Simulation solution for the development of mobile machinery

    With such a vast amount of requirements, accurate analyses of transient, nonlinear processes are becoming increasingly vital. For such considerations, it is usually not sufficient to only look at stress analyses, flow calculations or cinematic simulations. Mobile machines like excavators, wheel loaders, road construction equipment, concrete mixers, concrete pump systems, cranes and hoisting gear, compression and tunnel boring machinery are mechatronic systems. Besides mechanical parts, they consist of hydraulic actuator systems and the corresponding control units. Many undesirable effects during operations later on have their cause in a poor interaction of the sub-systems from various physical domains. Especially the great number of nonlinear processes in mobile machinery is hardly manageable through measurements alone any longer.

    That is why leading OEMs and suppliers around the world have been working with one of the leading simulations tool – SimulationX – and ESI ITI’s engineering services in their product development for years.

    SimulationX – software for the development of mobile machinery

    • Multiphysics simulation in the development of complex machinery
    • Modeling and simulation of individual components and entire drivelines
    • Evaluation of different drive layouts
    • Optimization of hydrostatic drive and steering systems for mobile machinery
    • Development and optimization of controller components with respect to functional and energetic aspects early in the design phase
    • Calculation of forces and moments acting on winches and pulleys of hoist and suspension ropes with respect to rope properties (e.g. length, mass, tensile strength) and load profiles
    • Compliance with certification related safety requirements (e.g. stability)
    • Identification of optimization potential in line with EN 13000 and EN 13001 for designing cranes
    • Utilization of training simulators with physically correct model behavior of the machine

    Manufacturers of cranes, listen up!

    Dimension your hoist and slewing mechanisms as well as your drive components and controllers, while staying in control of dynamic effects right from the start. Prove your crane’s stability for various load cases and movements at the click of a button. Calculate dynamic loads fast and safely for deceleration procedures, emergency shutdown, disastrous situations or ground contact. With ESI ITI’s simulation solutions, you master all physical interactions in mobile machinery. The software is suitable for beginners and experts alike. Read on to find out which version may be best suited for you.

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    Engineering services in the development of mobile machinery

    Safeguard functionality and energy efficiency for your concept without expensive and time-consuming revisions later on. ESI ITI’s engineers know the ropes and are there to help you!


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    Customers and references

    All over the world, suppliers in the construction machine industry, use SimulationX for designing and optimizing mobile machines, e. g. ABB, Bosch Rexroth, CNH, ETO Magnetic, Hawe Hydraulik, Hitachi, Komatsu, Liebherr or Putzmeister.

  • Liebherr

    SimulationX enables Liebherr in Bischofshofen to optimize operator comfort and vehicle dynamics of wheel loaders

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  • Palfinger

    PALFINGER uses SimulationX for the development of elevated work platforms – from the design phase to software tests.

    Use case Palfinger
  • Liebherr

    Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH uses SimulationX during the pre-development of mobile cranes and crawler cranes

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  • Putzmeister

    Putzmeister uses SimulationX for the design of the highpressure concrete pumps that build Dubais‘ Skyscrapers

    about Putzmeister's project
  • TU Chemnitz

    Interpretation of a yarder’s mechanisms including the carraige was carried out using the simulation software SimulationX.

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  • Management Center Innsbruck

    Vehicle Dynamics of a Telescopic Handler

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  • HVAC technology in vehicles, machinery and buildings

    Application examples and solutions

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