Simulation in the development of mining and bulk material handling equipment

SimulationX allows us to quickly and safely calculate dynamic effects in challenging belt conveyor projects.

Dr. Mario Dilefeld, TAKRAF GmbH

System simulation in the mining industry

In the development of new technologies, we strive for maximum safety, performance and reliability while maintaining efficient operation of the extraction, processing and material handling equipment. Engineering services and simulation software from ESI ITI support you reliably in the development and optimization of your machinery along the entire process chain of mining activities.

Market requirements

Mining: Market requirements and trends

Moving large amounts of bulk materials in mining poses extreme challenges to man and machinery. Whether for surface or underground mining, with continuous techniques or “Truck and Shovel” – such machinery is often part of entire process chains. High functional and operational safety as well as low levels of vibration, little wear effects and high energy efficiency during operation are key factors in the global competition between manufacturers as well as operators of mining and bulk material handling equipment.

Requirements for manufacturers:

  • Counter time and cost pressure in product development effectively
  • Master the growing complexity of machinery efficiently also beyond batch production, i.e. without real prototypes
  • Integrate varying components from suppliers fast and safely
  • Manage high time pressure during the testing, commissioning and start-up phases
  • Avoid additional costs due to later revisions
  • Meet stricter environmental requirements (energy efficiency, noise and dirt emissions)
  • Prove and ensure reliability, availability, maintainability and safety

Requirements for operators:

  • Analyze anomalies during operation without interruptions
  • Avoid breakdown related cost impacts
  • Ensure economical retrofitting, refitting and re-engineering projects for a prolonged lifespan of the capital goods
  • Comply with environmental regulations
  • Train operating and maintenance personnel to prevent faulty operation and to reduce maintenance downtimes
Our solution

Simulation of mining and bulk material handling equipment

In order to master the enormous challenges efficiently, engineers have been working with one of the leading simulations tools – SimulationX – and ESI ITI’s engineering services in the development of extraction, processing and material handling equipment for years. For an optimized design, they simulate hard rock, typical operating modes and critical situations, such as emergency shutdown under full load – all in a digital model, fast and without putting personnel or equipment at risk.

As a CAE engineer, software developer or control engineer, you can pursue your work and check your results in real-time all on a virtual basis even before the actual product is made. Ensure the success of your product and compare your experiences and measured data with the results from the multiphysical simulation in SimulationX. The accuracy and validity of the data will convince you.

Simulation software for conveyor belts, extraction equipment and processing machinery

  • Analysis of dynamic effects in complex machinery
  • Optimum layout of drive systems for their specific application
  • Early and efficient development of control systems including software and hardware tests
  • Compliance with environmental requirements (energy efficiency, noise, dirt and exhaust gas emissions)
  • Simulation of emergency load cases and computational prove of compliance with safety standards
  • Simulation of bulk material and its handling
  • Simulation for the development of new hardware and software concepts

ESI ITI’s simulation solutions have proven themselves in a large number of real-life applications:

  • Extraction equipment for open-pit mining (Bucket wheel, hydraulic and dragline excavators)
  • Extraction equipment for underground mining (Coal ploughs, shearer loaders, boring machinery)
  • Bulk material handling (o Conveyor belts, chain conveyors, bucket elevators, dumpers, wheel loaders, stackers, re-claimers, chain scrapers, ship loaders and unloaders)
  • Processing equipment (Crushers, mills, sieves)

Engineering services for mining applications

Benefit from our experience and make your product development more efficient! Together we bring your mining and bulk material handling equipment to fruition much faster and get it out the door. We know the requirements from many different projects and have the skills to apply modern development approaches to your machinery in your specific product development environment. Read on to find out more about our engineering services.


Exclusive material about simulation of mining equipment

See for yourself how Romonta, Tenova Takraf, ABB, Liebherr and many more use system simulation in their development. Give SimulationX a try straightaway and head over to the Customer Center.

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Finding new business areas with system simulation

Our experts for mining and bulk material handling equipment know your market and draw upon a broad network of industrial partners and universities. Just talk to us!


Customers and References

Siemens Minerals utilizes ESI’s SimulationX to optimize belt conveyors. Romonta analyzes vibrational behavior in bucket wheel excavators during normal operation. Tenova Takraf increases power density of large drives and masters the dynamics of sophisticated conveyor belts already in the design phase. ABB uses simulation for drive optimizations and virtual commissioning of drive and control systems in their extraction equipment to ensure their quality and timely completion. Find out more about ESI ITI customer applications:

  • ABB

    ABB uses SimulationX for the optimization and virtual commissioning of drive systems and automation solutions for mining equipment and bulk material handling machinery

    about ABB's project
  • Romonta

    Romonta uses SimulationX to optimize operations of their mining equipment

    about Romonta's project
  • Siemens Minerals

    Siemens Minerals utilizes ESI’s SimulationX to optimize belt conveyors

    about Siemens Minerals' project
  • Tenova TAKRAF

    Tenova TAKRAF optimizes equipment and machinery for mining and bulk material handling with SimulationX

    about Takraf's project
  • Simulating Belt Conveyor Systems

    Identify occurring forces and vibrations in belt conveyors reliably through system simulation. Design and optimize drive systems and controller layouts and test the control hardware in a virtual environment for all kinds of application scenarios – reliably and efficiently with minimal costs.


    From digital prototype to Hybrid Twin™

    In many industries, system simulation is now the standard tool for the development, design and analysis of all types of complex machinery and systems. Are you curious to know what the new potential of dynamic simulations of belt conveyors is?

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