Computer Simulation in Science and Education

Be it educational bodies or research institutes: ESI ITI is your partner for virtual modeling and interactive simulation. Benefit from a strong package consisting of simulation software, engineering knowledge and a broad network of industrial partners.

Science and education: challenges and trends

Research, education, commissioned projects: In order to withstand the global competition for research funding, skilled employees and full auditoriums, state-of-the-art technology and systemic knowledge of the underlying physical principles are essential. Computer simulations make the technical correlations more obvious and help you find innovative solutions to complex scientific questions.


Requirements for researchers and research associates:

  • Developing and verifying new solution approaches for technical challenges
  • Improving conventional technologies and research methods
  • Raising funds in a competitive research landscape
  • Comparing pros and cons of technological alternatives
  • Conducting integrated research across the boundaries of individual disciplines
  • Developing comprehensive solution concepts with appropriate technologies
  • Combining the software in use into a closed toolchain
  • Preparing scientific results for a specialized audience and the public in a presentable way

Requirements for employees in education:

  • Teaching technical and physical correlations
  • Preparing students for the labor market by teaching established methods, techniques and the use of appropriate tools
  • Creating comprehensible learning material
  • Supervising a great number of term papers and theses
  • Ensuring a high quality level in education and scientific research

ESI ITI inTouch brings industries and science together

The development of innovate energy systems needs more than mere know-how and software for modeling and simulation, but also successful cooperations. We help you find the right partner.

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Computer simulation in research and education

At ESI ITI, engineers work for engineers to further improve the simulation software SimulationX and to support them throughout numerous research and engineering projects. Software developer and engineers from various backgrounds assist you in finding the right solution for your needs and help you with your software and modeling tasks. Through cooperation projects with educational bodies and research institutes as well as industrial partners, we keep improving existing simulation methods and support your with suitable tools for simulations in scientific research.

More than 700 companies and research facilities around the world rely on SimulationX for their research and development tasks. Numerous educational bodies use our simulation software in scientific research, funded projects and/or for educational purposes.

SimulationX – interactive simulation software for users in research

  • Simulation of components and systems including interactions between the various physical domains
  • Large selection of basic and component libraries across many engineering disciplines
  • Customizable software platform: versatile interfaces, open Modelica standard for custom models and libraries
  • Netzwerk zu Wissenschaft und Industrie: jährliches Anwendertreffen beim ESI SimulationX User Forum

SimulationX – interactive simulation software for users in education

  • Tailor-made licensing models
  • Comprehensive collection of sample models (about 300 example models from different physical domains and application fields)
  • Intuitive user interface and result visualization
  • Promotion of open positions for internships and theses

Virtual models in research and development

The academic version of SimulationX is specially designed for educational purposes and the needs of students. With the help of numerous ready-to-use basic and component models in SimulationX, you can create graphically interactive dynamic system models combining various physical domains. Custom model elements and libraries can be easily created through a straightforward wizard on the basis of the open and object- oriented modeling language Modelica®. The intuitive user interface and modeling process ensures an efficient workflow and helps you understand also complex systems. 

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Customers and references

The following educational bodies use SimulationX for their research, third-party funded projects and/or as part of their training: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, RWTH Aachen, TU Berlin, Berner FH, HS Bochum, TU Dresden, TU München, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Tokyo University (Japan) or Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China).



  • Elbflorace (Formula Student)

    Precise analyses of longitudinal dynamics and energy efficiency of powertrains for Formula Student race cars of Team Elbflorace

    about Elbflorace's project
  • TU Berlin

    The Berlin University of Technology uses SimulationX to design and optimize modular satellite systems

    about TU Berlin's project
  • TU Dresden

    The Institute of Power Engineering at the Dresden University of Technology analyzes complex thermodynamic interactions in cooling devices with SimulationX

    about TU Dresden's project
  • TU Darmstadt

    The Darmstadt University researches deep borehole heat storage systems with SimulationX

    About TU Darmstadt's Project
  • Management Center Innsbruck

    Vehicle Dynamics of a Telescopic Handler

    about MCI' project
  • Elbflorace

    Designing energy storage solutions for electric vehicles in the best possible way

    about Elbflorace's project
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