ESI ITI Partner Network

ESI ITI pursues many different ways of collaborations. But they all have one thing in common: the goal – the improvement of your development process. Our cooperations show you for what we strive.

Partner Network

ITI and partners develop and deliver sophisticated solutions and services for system simulation to customers all over the world. Our cooperation network provides SimulationX users with numerous integrated options and interfaces in order to improve their system development processes.

Agito AS
  • Together with Agito, a Norwegian specialist for Subsea and Offshore Engineering, SimulationX Subsea model libraries are developed and numerous applications are supported world-wide.

  • Autodesk GmbH
  • As a member of the "Autodesk Developer Network" ITI develops interfaces to the Autodesk Inventor software program. CAD geometries and other data (e.g. inertia tensors, masses, centers of gravity) of units and designs can be integrated in SimulationX automatically.

  • dSPACE digital signal processing and control engineering GmbH
  • We offer our customers a Hardware-in-the-Loop interface to dSPACE’s real-time platforms allowing SimulationX models to be transfered to the dSPACE simulator directly. Users can keep working within their testing environment of dSPACE ControlDesk as usual.

  • Dynardo GmbH
  • The partnership with dynardo has yielded the optiSLang interface for our customers allowing interdisciplinary optimization, robustness and reliability evaluation as well as sensitivity studies of SimulationX models. All results and correlations can be presented in an easy-to-digest way through interactive, graphical analysis as part of a wide range of post-processing options.

  • ESTECO’s modeFRONTIER and ITI’s SimulationX can now fully interact through a direct node without any programming skills required streamlining the entire simulation process and multiphysics analysis. Through the optimization of modeFRONTIER and SimulationX engineers benefit from an even smoother workflow while modeling.

  • ETAS
  • The cooperation with ETAS guarantees a smooth portation of SimulationX models to ETAS LABCAR HiL-systems through the Simulink Coder™ (former Real-Time Workshop®) and code export as Simulink S-Function.

  • Fraunhofer Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen
  • ESI ITI works together with the Fraunhofer Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen in numerous development and research projects. Users benefit from new methods and enhancements for the simulation tool SimulationX.

  • Fraunhofer Institut für Werkzeugmaschinen und Umformtechnik IWU
  • In joint research ventures we focus on virtual machineand plant optimization. The goal is to provide a complete solution for fast and safe commissioning of machines and plants in advance.

  • HYDRIVE Engineering GmbH
  • Hydrive Engineering works in the field of drive and control engineering. The company focusses on the development and application of electro-hydraulic and pneumatic drive systems and drive components, simulation of systems and components, real-time simulation (SiL, HiL), software for the control of drives as well as software testbeds including automated software tests.

  • IAV GmbH
  • IAV and ESI ITI join forces to bundle their knowledge and resources in the area of calculation and simulation of powertrains and vehicles. IAV brings an extensive expertise in the development of powertrains to the table, uses SimulationX in various ways for a great deal of different applications and determines requirements from a CAD engineer’s point of view.

  • IBAF GmbH
  • IBAF is an industrial development partner in the field of construction machinery, drive systems, materials handling, systems engineering and railway technology. IBAF has a comprehensive methodological expertise and provides specific product know-how as part of its services. The combined skills of IBAF and ITI represent the highest degree of know-how for product development and system simulation in order to be the most capable and reliable partner for the industry.

  • IBM Deutschland GmbH
  • IBM develops and produces state-of-the-art information technology including computer systems, software, networks, storage devices and microelectronics. ITI is an IBM Business Partner. The cooperation focuses on developing and testing comprehensive hybrid modeling environments. By using SysML, UML, Modelica and FMI, IBM’s Rational Rhapsody and ITI’s SimulationX are integrated in the overall product development process.

  • IPG Automotive GmbH
  • The collaboration with IPG Automotive GmbH ensures that SimulationX models can be easily integrated into the development environment CarMaker and that they are compatible with IPG’s Xpack4 real-time systems. Users benefit from the integration of SimulationX models in virtual test drives with CarMaker in a continuous development workflow from MS Office to hardware-in-the-loop simulators to test bench scenarios of all kinds.

  • JSOL Corporation
  • The JSOL Corporation is a total IT service provider, offering high-quality IT services. Expanding its business in the field of computer aided engineering; the JSOL Corporation has established the JMAG Group, a worldwide network of sales, support, marketing, development, and technical partners, aiming to deliver JMAG as the leading-edge simulation technology for the design and development of electromechanical machines.

  • Laschet Consulting GmbH
  • Laschet Consulting GmbH and ESI ITI are cooperating in offering simulation software and engineering services for power transmission especially in the fields of torsional vibration analysis.

  • Modelica Association
  • ESI ITI actively supports the development of the object-oriented description language Modelica as the standard for physical modeling. SimulationX users have access to all benefits of the entire Modelica standard library through SimulationX directly.

  • National Instruments Corporation
  • ESI ITI closes gaps in the system design process in regards to time to market with NI LabVIEW and NI VeriStand. SimulationX code is implemented into NI real-time testing and simulation platforms LabVIEW and NI VeriStand. For more information about the current release of SimulationX 3.4 click here.

  • Noesis Solutions
  • Noesis Solutions provides innovative simulation solutions for manufacturers in automotive, aerospace and other engineering-intensive industries. In close collaboration with ESI ITI, Noesis Solutions developed two advanced and user-friendly SimulationX interfaces for Optimus. While one interface uses the built-in environment of SimulationX, the other is designed for exported models and allows for comprehensive simultaneous computation.

  • Numengo
  • Numengo develops software solutions for thermofluid system simulation. Their advanced thermo library is available in SimulationX as numenGo|FL. This library works for all states of matter and provides state-of-the-art models for fluid properties, flows and heat exchange as industrial standard components. It also provides a direct interface with the Python scripting language.

  • OptiY GmbH
  • Through the cooperation with OptiY we are able to offer customers an interface to the same titled analysis and optimization program.

  • Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)
  • As a member of the PTC Software Partner Program we offer an interface to the PLM software Creo in our software solution SimulationX. With this interface CAD geometries and other data of bodies and assemblies can be integrated into SimulationX.

  • SpaceControl GmbH
  • SpaceControl develops, produces and markets optoelectronic sensors and 3D navigation devices which are applied in all areas of industry. The SpaceController facilitates an intuitive navigation within SimulationX 3D environment for multi-body simulation.

  • Sysware Technology Co., Ltd
  • Sysware/Universys, a pioneer in exploring theories, technologies and markets of integrated R&D platforms, is a Chinese specialist for engineering middleware as well as aviation engineering and works together with ITI on the development of the SimulationX Aerospace model libraries and also on the support of IBM’s Continuous Engineering for numerous applications in China.

  • The MathWorks, Inc.
  • As “The Mathworks Connection Partner” we offer various comprehensive interfaces to MATLAB/Simulink.

  • TLK-Thermo GmbH
  • In close cooperation with TLK-Thermo GmbH our simulation models for thermal systems are being enhanced, tested and optimized. The focus lies on real-time applications and on modeling mobile scrubber and air conditioning systems. 

  • TraceTronic GmbH
  • Through the cooperation with TraceTronic we provide our customers with an interface to the test automation utility ECU-TEST, a software application for validating embedded systems in the automotive industry. Joint ventures in the field of Hardware-in-the-Loop safeguarding environments round off the collaboration.

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