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ESI ITI looks back at a successful year for Racetech Racing Team

The third Endurance in Spain concluded one of the most successful seasons in the history of the Racetech Racingteam e.V. and their RT12.

In October 2017, the team started into the twelfth season. The new team and module leaders faced the challenge of managing a team of initially 70 people. The main objectives for the season were weight reduction and reliability. The design phase began in November 2017 and encompassed both simulation and construction. The production phase started in early 2018, and the functional RT12 was presented already in May. The rollout was followed by the first test drive of an electrically driven RT. Despite some initial difficulties, the event phase began with the third place for “Overall” in Hungary. An Austria, the team won the “Endurance” contest followed by a 2nd place for “Overall”.

The achievements in Spain concluded a very successful season. The RT12 was the first racing car in the history of the club to score in all disciplines at each event. In addition to the dynamic disciplines, the RT12 also succeeded in the Statics with the second place in "Cost and Manufacturing" in Hungary and Austria.

ESI ITI supported the simulation team during the production phase in the twelfth season and wishes the Racetech Racing Team a successful season 2019. The new release of SimulationX will be used for the design and simulation of the cooling system for the vehicle battery. Learn more about SimulationX and the range of applications in the field of thermal management for electrified vehicles: