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Highlights of the session "Industrial Machinery" at the ESI SimulationX Conference

Are you already developing machinery with CAE software? Or are you in the middle of a decision-making process to choose a software? Experts and beginners will find the program of this year’s ESI SimulationX Conference equally appealing. Create your personal agenda for your individual user forum experience!

Focusing on the development of machinery and equipment, our engineers and developers will take you through a number of topics including:

  • Simulation of the mechanical dryer section of a paper machine
  • Virtual commissioning using a non-real-time simulation environment in combination with a real controller hardware
  • Detailed modelling of a hydraulic bearing preload element for drive design and control development
  • Analysis and dimensioning of a high-temperature multi-stage hot forming process
  • Module-based synthesis of a 14-unit deep-drawing press including kinetic criteria

Click here for the program of the session "Industrial Machinery"

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