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SimulationX 4.1 out now!

With each new major release of SimulationX, we strive to simplify and accelerate your workflow involving modeling, simulating and analyzing technical systems.

Discover the new SimulationX:

E-Learning: Enter the world of system simulation with SimulationX directly from your desk and whenever you want with this interactive training

Improved Ribbon GUI: more context-sensitive, more clear, more efficient

• Include now Global Types or Libraries in ISX Files with the new Save As option

New pre- and post-processing tools: Optimization, 2D map generation, ordercuts and spectrograms for vibration analysis, and much more

System Reliability Analysis: Improved workflows and model elements to automatically analyze the impact of system failures on desired behavior.

Siemens® PLCSIM Advanced™: New interface for the "virtual commissioning" of your plants and machines using SimulationX and Siemens’ controller simulation software for SiL tasks.

• New hydraulic centrifugal pump model

• Model elements for economic analyses in system simulations: Simulate and analyze costs and revenues directly in the model and take into account costs for energy, bulk, units, volume, time, maintenance and renewal as well as ROI.

• Clocked Control Systems: Now, full support of Modelica's Synchronous technology by ALL SOLVERS and executable models.

There are numerous other new features waiting to be discovered by you. Find an extensive overview at or have a look at the Release Notes in our Customer Center.