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Thermal management of electrified vehicles

The electrification of the powertrain not only poses challenges for automobile manufacturers in battery and motor technology, but also optimum heat management is gaining in importance in the competition for powerful and efficient vehicles.

The avoidance of extreme heat and cold as well as uniform temperature distribution contribute significantly to a long battery life. In addition, the electric motor must be cooled at high temperatures, and the temperature in the interior has a decisive influence on the occupants' sense of comfort. However, these demands on an efficient heating and cooling system come at the cost of considerable energy consumption, which has a negative effect on the vehicle's range (energy horizon).

Optimum thermal management strikes the best possible balance between battery life, sufficient cooling of the drive units, appropriate occupant comfort and minimum energy consumption for a long range. In SimulationX you will find all the tools you need to develop and optimize efficient thermal management systems. Learn more about the application spectrum of SimulationX in the field of thermal management of electrified vehicles:

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