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TU Dresden starts Germany's first 5G construction site – ESI Germany delivers simulation models

"Fast and stable wireless data transfer is the basis for the digital construction site. Only the wireless 5G standard has the capability to deliver the performance that is necessary for real-time communication allowing for all construction-related processes and parties to be modeled and organized digitally," explains Prof. Jürgen Weber, Director of the Institute of Mechatronic Engineering at the Dresden University of Technology.

He coordinates the €9m joint research project on increasing the efficiency and productivity of construction processes through integrated communication of mobile machinery with more than 20 partners.

ESI Germany pioneers the development of concepts for the efficient interaction of simulation models of construction machinery with a dynamic virtual environment. This includes both modeling workflows and the integration of environmental sensors, such as radar and lidar systems as well as cameras. But also re-usability of such simulation models from the development phase as so-called digital twins after the machine has been commissioned is part of the considerations.

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