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Variety of topics of the session "Interfaces & Integration" at the ESI SimulationX Conference

Openness has always been a top priority for ESI ITI in the development of SimulationX.

We support open technology standards, such as Modelica and FMI, to allow for different simulation tools to be coupled efficiently. Choose from a wide range of topical presentations on interfaces and integration, such as:

  • FMI-based coupling of SimulationX with multi-agent-simulation – Tools for a holistic power supply system layout
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop applications for intelligent energy management and coupled energy system analysis
  • Model Based Systems Engineering as a basis for early verification in product development process
  • Co-simulation between SimulationX and Visual-VPS
  • Approach to linking engineering tools in a continuous data model

Click here for the program of the session "Interfaces & Integration"

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