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Welcome to the Session "Recent Developments" at the ESI SimulationX Conference

These presentations showcase the latest developments for SimulationX and illustrate new application scenarios.

Look forward to new features in SimulationX 4.0 and learn more about current trends in system simulation!

  • New in SimulationX 4.0
  • Integration of SimulationX into model based systems engineering (MBSE) and virtual validation toolchains
  • Automatic assembly of generic model structures through script-based model generators
  • Modeling of vehicles with varying level of detail for system simulation – Development of a modular chassis model kit including a consistent parameterization process
  • Development and applicaton of a SimulationX library for magnetic shape memory alloys
  • Hybrid Twin – Systematic analysis of faults and deviations from nominal behavior

Click here for the program of the session "Recent Developments"

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