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"Such a model permits virtual commissioning and also the development of a Hybrid TwinTM – a virtual twin of the system based on simulation models and data."

Digital Engineering Magazin – 3/2018

"For some time now, developers of electric vehicles have been using SimulationX model libraries to test concepts, dimension components, and virtually test subsystems or the entire system on the basis of a system model."

Digital Engineering Magazin – 1/2017

"In order to be able to treat a swollen fracture site correctly with a medical device, it is necessary to know the biological processes at the injured tissue. By using simulation models with the system simulation software SimulationX, the treatment can be specifically controlled and the healing promoted."

Konstruktionspraxis – 2017

"Software SimulationX from ESI ITI GmbH has successfully proven to be a reliable tool for modeling highly dynamic servo hydraulic actuators."

Mobile Maschine – 6/2016

"The HiL test bench connects the simulation model of the working platform from SimulationX with the real control unit of the machine and enables a virtual test of the entire system."

Konstruktionspraxis – 2016

"SimulationX enables Emag engineers to successfully model and simulate the transmission system of electrically operated chucks. Since they know the loads that occur on individual components and assemblies, they can design in a more targeted manner, better estimate which requirements individual components must meet, evaluate constructive alternatives and finally dimension more accurately. "

Digital Engineering Magazin – 2/2015

"In a complex variant calculation, the advantages of the cloud, such as flexible use of resources and constant availability, come to the fore."

Ferchau Aktuell – 1/2015

"In plant engineering, simulation even reduces the costs of real commissioning by up to 75 percent. "

ATZ Offhighway – 10/2014

"Simulations in SimulationX […] took about 60s for an entire lifting and transport cycle of 50 s and delivered results that matched previous experience and measurements. Comparable models would take much longer in other programmes to be computed."

EI Eisenbahningenieur – 9/2014

"When developing […] locomotives it is of major importance to ensure sufficient adhesion under the most varied operational conditions and traction situations. The required overall understanding of the complex interactions of the components involved is obtained with the help of a simulation model of the SimulationX system simulation software."

World of Mining – Surface & Underground – 66 (2014) No. 4

"Throughout the entire process chain – from extraction and handling to storage and loading – SimulationX boosts the development, optimization and operation of mining equipment and machinery for bulk material handling during the development and operation." 

Ship & Offshore - No. 4 2014

"The library, called Ship Energy Systems, significantly advances the state of the art in ship energy calculations." 

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