SimulationX for Beginners

SimulationX is a tool that you can easily integrate in your daily routine, that you can learn quickly and that does not require you to change your workflow.

Simulation software developed by engineers for engineers

ESI ITI’s simulation solutions are made up of different modules from the SimulationX software and engineering services bundled together in individual application packages. The complexity and extent of the chosen solution depends on the initial consultations together with you. From beginners to experts – thanks to the modular nature of our solutions, there is the right fit for everyone.

SimulationX is a simulation tool made by engineers for engineers. Our engineering expertise and software skills allow us to find the most suitable solution for you so that you can focus on what you are best at: solving your engineering tasks at hand. ESI ITI’s engineers accompany you throughout your product development and its challenges of resource and time constraints, while helping you with the whole modeling and simulation process including the result analysis and interpretation and evaluation.

The tutorials and training courses at the ESI ITI Academy provide tips and tricks for the use of the program first-hand from our engineering experts.

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Benefits of SimulationX for beginners at a glance

As a beginner, you can start off with ready-to-use simulation models and pre-configured components. The graphical user interface in SimulationX allows you to easily navigate around your simulation model and the program itself. This enables you to visualize physical correlations in order to make profound predictions and decisions.

  • Easy and fast modeling with drag and drop
    • Ready-to-use basic models can simulate various physical effects out of the box
    • Hundreds of industry-specific example models
    • Variety of component models with standardized input data, e.g. parameter values for elasticity, excitation, damping, inertia, pressure, performance data
      • clearly structured in engineering disciplines
      • easy to parameterize with catalogue data, for example
    • comprehensible 3D views
  • Quick results
    • You can pick a single parameter and analyze it step by step for its effect on the entire system
    • Many different visualization options, such as state charts and energy flow diagrams
  • Interfaces with Microsoft Office
    • Simulation models can be controlled with Excel through Visual Basic scripts
    • Simulation results can be easily imported in Excel
    • Simulation input parameters can be conveniently managed in Excel
    • Reports can be quickly generated in Word, for instance

Why we stand out as an engineering partner

  • One-stop shop for simulation software and engineering services
  • A partner that speaks your language
  • Well-structured and transparent introduction process accompanied by our engineers
  • Integration of SimulationX for beginners into existing toolchains
  • Benefits from the experiences of a broad SimulationX user community

Clever application packages for beginners

SimulationX for beginners offers well-thought-out application packages for typical development tasks of manufacturers, operators and service providers from various industries and for all kinds of topics:

You are looking for a particular application package?

From many different projects in system simulation over the years, we know your requirements and can find the right solution for your custom package. 

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