Comprehensive Development of Components

Correct dimensioning of components early on – this SimulationX application package for beginners makes the modeling and parameterization process much easier and delivers fast results.

How must a two-mass flywheel be designed in order to avoid torsional vibrations? How do changes in the elasticity parameters through thermal effects impact a drive system’s operational behavior? 

A cost-efficient component design demanded by the OEM must still meet the requirements for functional safety – even when environmental conditions change. With the software application package “Component Development” for beginners, you are able to find quick answers to your questions and analyze and optimize the dimensions of your components early on.

Dynamic modeling and simulation for precise dimensioning of components

Comprehensive model libraries with common drive components make the modeling and parameterization process easier and help you get quick results. Analyze complex, dynamic interactions between individual components. Identify optimization potential and improve the design of your components.

The application package for beginners includes the following SimulationX modules:

  • Power Transmission
  • Mechanics
  • Electromechanics
  • Thermal

It is intended for manufacturers of components and system suppliers for

  • vehicles
  • machinery
  • plants

looking for ways to design safe and functional components and to speed up calculations right from the start.

  • BMW uses simulations to ensure full functionality of components

    Simulating Bowden cables  instead of building actual prototypes helps reduce development time a great deal.

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  • Component development at ZF Friedrichshafen

    Marketing innovative products early on and cost-efficiently thanks to the latest development methods.

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  • Designing components

    Easy. Safe. Fast. Try it out yourself – SimulationX for beginners free of charge for 30 days with no strings attached and with engineering support should you need it.

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    Modeling drive components and reducing vibrations

    These and similar tasks in modeling and optimizing multiphysics components are not new to us. We have been dealing with them for 25 years. See for yourself and put our engineering services to the test.

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