Simulation supported Safety Cases

Safety cases for inspection and certification agencies can be created with this application package for beginners at the click of a button. Do no longer waste your time on the reporting! Rather focus on the solution of your tasks at hand. 

Will resonance occur between eigenfrequency and powertrain excitation? How great can you expect the vibrations’ amplitudes to be? Will they remain within a tolerable range? Which elasticities and inertias have the biggest impact?

Answering and documenting such questions thoroughly in terms of safety cases is vital in both product development and in delivering sufficient proof for inspection and certification agencies. Automated, reproducible and standardized solutions are usually based on computational, dynamic system simulation. And this is where the SimulationX application package “Simulation Supported Safety Cases” for beginners comes in.

Speed up your safety case through simulation

No matter what you need your data for – customized SimulationX modules and the included report generator deliver results for your reporting at the click of a button. The SimulationX application package helps you create safety cases for the following scenarios amongst others:

  • CE certificates
  • Compliance statements
  • Proof of safety for vehicles
  • Approval of planes
  • Certification of ships

Work fast and to the point with the following SimulationX modules:

  • Report Generator
  • Mechanics 1D Rotatory
  • Power Transmission
  • Torsional Vibration Analysis (TVA)

The SimulationX application package “Simulation Supported Safety Cases” for beginners offers you a great number of pre-configured model elements based on validated data. It is intended mostly for manufacturers and certification agencies of

  • rolling stock
  • ships
  • mobile machinery
  • machine tools

focusing on the solution of the task at hand rather than spending too much time on reporting.

  • Bureau Veritas

    Our customer Bureau Veritas ensures with SimulationX that all technical equipment on ships complies with defined vibration classes.

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  • Simulation results for safety cases at the click of a button

    Conducting torsional vibration analyses of main and auxiliary drives efficiently in SimulationX – try it yourself! With our 30-day trial version free of charge.

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    Automated safety cases

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