Simulating Energy Efficiency

Simulating energy consumption, optimizing energy efficiency. With this SimulationX application package for beginners, you can develop energy efficient buildings and vehicles in not time.

How can I comprehensively evaluate the energy efficiency of heating systems, electrical energy supply and architecture or of the primary and auxiliary machines, cooling and waste heat recovery systems?

Which is the most energy efficient design? How much energy can it save compared to a conventional building or vehicle? When will the investment in modifications pay off? How can energy surplus or losses be utilized? How can I speed up the process for quicker results? These and other questions on how to optimize energy consumption are part of the daily routine of engineers around the world. With the SimulationX application package “Energy Efficiency” for beginners , you can simulate and evaluate your machinery from an energetic perspective and you can forecast the energy consumption in order to make the most of the available energy resources.

Simulate and optimize energy efficiency

Make your work fast, easy and accurate with the following SimulationX modules:

  • Consumption Calculation, Power Balance, parameter studies and post-processing for conventional and hybrid powertrain configurations
  • Mechanics (1D)
  • Signal Blocks
  • Electronics (analog)

The SimulationX user package “Energy Efficiency” for beginners offers many ready-to-use elements based on validated data. It is primarily intended for manufacturers, operators, architects and planners of:

  • buildings, building complexes
  • vehicles (e.g. cars, rolling stock, ships, mobile machinery)
  • machinery and plants
  • EA Systems Dresden

    Read how EA Systems Dresden designs energy-efficient buildings with SimulationX fast and quickly.

    About EA's project
  • TU Darmstadt

    The Darmstadt University researches deep borehole heat storage systems with SimulationX

    About TU Darmstadt's Project
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    Want to perform and pass energy audits smoothly?

    SimulationX for beginners lets you quickly design virtual prototypes of technical components and helps you analyze the energy efficiency of entire buildings, vehicles and plants.

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