Simulation for Power Generation and Energy Storage Solutions

Evaluating innovative concepts for power generation and energy storage, dimensioning components for a new plant layout correctly, optimizing proven energy supply concepts – all this is possible with this SimulationX application package for beginners.

How do dynamic connection layouts impact the operational behavior of a conventional power plant? How can I find the optimum design for compressed-air reservoirs or solar-thermal power plants? 

Whether you want to evaluate innovative concepts, dimension new plant layouts properly or optimize proven energy supply concepts – the SimulationX application package “Power Generation and Energy Storage” for beginners  includes all the modules you need for simulating power generation and energy storage equipment. 

Simulating tomorrows energy storage solutions already today

Ready-to-use and pre-configured model elements, such as compressors, vaporizers, heat exchangers and turbines, help you create models in no time for quick energy efficiency analyses of combined cooling, heat and power systems, for instance. 

The package comes with the following SimulationX modules:

  • Fluid Power
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Work and Power Machines

The SimulationX application package “Power Generation and Energy Storage” for beginners is specially designed for manufacturers, operators and service providers for:

  • Power plants and power plant technologies 
  • Electrical energy technology
  • Energy process engineering
  • Power engineering

Simulate wind turbines yourself

With ITI’s simulation solutions, you can easily analyze physical interactions between the mechanical and electrical parts in wind turbines, for example. We are happy to help!

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