Simulating HVAC Systems

Energy efficiency is a decisive factor in the global competition of HVAC systems. The SimulationX application package for beginners helps you simulate HVAC systems fast and easily including the corresponding controller layout for dynamic energy demand.

Which structural changes impact energy efficiency the most? How can I analyze components for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems most efficiently to identify energy saving potential? What alternatives are there for physical prototypes?

From vehicle engineering to building technologies to component manufacturing – intelligent cooling and air-conditioning systems are expected to maintain a comfortable indoor climate throughout the year, while consuming as little energy as possible. These requirements do not contradict each other anymore as there are various ecofriendly technologies today that can supply energy very economically. This is where the search for advanced storage solutions begins to bridge the fluctuating availability of renewable energies. With the SimulationX applications package “Air-Conditioning” for beginners, you can quickly simulate HVAC systems including the corresponding controller layout for dynamic energy demand.

Simulate and optimize your HVAC systems

For the most efficient and accurate workflow, use the following SimulationX modules:

  • Fluid Power
  • Steady-State Heat Exchangers

The SimulationX application package “HVAC Simulation” for beginners offers you a great number of pre-configured elements based on validated data. It is especially suited for

  • manufacturers and planners of stationary and mobile HVAC systems including heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems

who know that energy efficiency is a decisive factor in the global competition.

  • TU Dresden

    See how the Dresden University of Technology examines complex thermodynamic effects in refrigeration systems with SimulationX.

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