Virtual Commissioning

Improve your control program’s reliability! The SimulationX application package for beginners lets you create, reproduce and check error scenarios in virtual prototypes – automated and free of risk.

Want to operate and test your plant simultaneously? Looking to simulate realistic but also less likely test cases from your desk? Need to calculate values without additional resources, especially for variables that are hard or even impossible to measure? 

Nothing simpler than that! With the software application package “Virtual Commissioning” for beginners, you can test your specific scenarios with a virtual simulation model. The procedure is a walk in the park: During the development process, there is usually a lot of data involved which can be used for the modeling tasks straightaway. So the simulation model is more or less created along the way. You can then replace your machinery with this physically correct model, connect it with a real control unit or with other actual hardware and go right into virtual testing. 

Why virtual commissioning and functional testing?

The method of virtual commissioning offers many advantages: You can, for example, begin with the development and tests of control software even if the production system or machinery has not been built yet. Especially for complex control operations, you can test and optimize the control algorithms through a virtual prototype without any risk.

The application package for beginners contains the following SimulationX modules:

  • Virtual Commissioning
  • Code Export

It is especially intended for manufacturers of

  • vehicles (automobiles, mobile machinery)
  • plants and machinery in general looking for safe and easy ways of mastering complex controller layouts.

You can also improve your control software’s reliability by reproducing certain error scenarios that are then checked automatically. Apart from virtual commissioning, virtual prototypes have a lot more benefits also for other phases of the whole design process, such as the bidding stage, conceptual considerations, dimensioning or drive development.

Making design changes a breeze

Virtual testing is more accurate, less expensive and avoids any damages to real machinery. Try it yourself – free of charge for 30 days and with engineering support from our side should you need it.

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Developing transmissions right in the driver’s seat

Feel the impact of design changes immediately. Reproduce the exact same shift sequence over and over again – easily, fast and precisely with the gear shift simulator. Ask us!

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