The Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) and SimulationX

ESI ITI has always been at the forefront of pushing the FMI standard. During the ongoing development of SimulationX, we make sure that our software fully complies with the interface standard. 

FMI for model exchange and co-simulation

The growing extent of integrated workflows leads to more and more requirements for simulation experts  and beginners alike. One of them is the need to flexibly exchange models between various development stages and between different CAE programs in the collaboration between OEMs, suppliers and service providers. This calls for a universal format.

FMI is a tool-independent interface standard for both model exchange and co-simulation of dynamic models.

  • FMI for model exchange includes only the code of a model in a functional mock-up unit (FMU), but not the solver, which leaves the target platform to calculate it with its own solver.

  • In contrast to that, FMUs for co-simulation come also with their own solver. This allows them to be integrated in other target platforms including optimization tools which do not have solvers for differential equations.

SimulationX – a proper FMI tool

You can export FMUs from SimulationX either for model exchange or for co-simulation. These FMUs can be used without SimulationX and do not require any runtime license. If you want to run them on any platform, simply include the source code. Should you wish to protect your intellectual property, make sure you use compiled binaries. 

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Model structure, algorithms and parameters are then inaccessible. Equally convenient is the import of FMUs (for model exchange and co-simulation) into SimulationX. Both import and export comply with the official FMI CrossCheck Rules.

FMI import and export for MATLAB/Simulink independent of SimulationX

You want to use models from MATLAB/Simulink also in other applications? Benefit from the FMI standard and the SimulationX add-on “FMI Target for Simulink Coder”. It allows for exporting models from Simulink as a standalone FMU for co-simulation. All model functionalities as well as the Simulink solver are included in the FMU making it possible to use such FMUs without MATLAB/Simulink. The add-on for MATLAB/Simulink is fully FMI compliant and runs independently of SimulationX. You can obtain a dedicated license for “FMI Target for Simulink Coder” from us.

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Your hotline to the FMI Project Leader

Do you have any questions about FMI, its use with SimulationX or about a license for “FMI Target for Simulink Coder”? Torsten Blochwitz, R&D Manager at ITI and FMI Project Leader is happy to help you! 

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