SimulationX Introduction Process

Whenever IT projects fail, it is usually because potential risks were not given sufficient consideration beforehand. In order to avoid that ESI ITI has set up a proven evaluation process which helps minimize a project’s risks, but also safeguards the successful introduction of our software and a sustainable benefit.

We take great care to specify your requirements as precisely as possible. Realistic expectations are vital – because we want to reach the finish line together and because your satisfaction depends on it.

Of course, there is plenty of room for customizations if needs be. Depending on the knowledge and experience with virtual simulation on the customer side, projects can start at different stages. This will not affect the guidance we provide you throughout the entire project. 

ESI ITI has developed a default project process that ensures a successful introduction of our software. We take pride in the fact that so far we have managed all specified projects successfully this way. We pay great attention to prospective customers familiarizing themselves with the program early on. Many projects begin with presentations and workshops. A test installation of the software is also part of the evaluation phase. Depending on the knowledge and experience with virtual simulation on the customer side, we can shape the evaluation phase in line with individual requirements.

Whether you want to test the software on your own, run an engineering project with us or need a workshop for utility concepts – we always strive for a close yet relaxed cooperation in order to allow for both profound and realistic decisions. This enables the customer to become familiar with specific program features and the development process step by step. Once SimulationX is in full use, we provide regular updates, modeling and technical support as well as trainings to ensure a smooth workflow on your side.

The process

With guidance through the project

Follow the list below to see how you can make the most of the evaluation process and manage any potential risk yourself:

A thorough analysis clarifies whether ESI ITI’s simulation solutions meet your requirements and whether they fit in with your product development process. As part of initial talks on-site or in a web meeting, we introduce our services and our software, while we also learn more about your workflow and your requirements. With this knowledge, we can then assess the common ground between your requirements and our offer. In a quick overview, we show you the available options and various application packages, compare the timeline against investments and outline the potential project.

In this phase, it is imperative all stakeholders are onboard so that no requirement may be left out. The goal of the evaluation is a realistic assessment of future simulation solutions. The evaluation phase has a clear time frame, and regardless of your industrial or academic background  or whether you have experience with simulation software  or are just beginning, we will guide you through the whole process. All this will make sure that at the end of the evaluation there is a perfect basis for a profound decision about the next steps.

  • As an expert, you can test the software on your own free of charge for 30 days. During the trial period you can attend an introductory training at the ESI ITI Academy or set up with your support engineer up to three 1-hour web meetings.

  • Beginners are usually accompanied with an engineering project in the evaluation phase to get a clearer picture of the software’s benefits and a possible course of action.
  • Such an engineering project typically involves a concrete task from the customer’s current pipeline. This is also helpful for future users in order to familiarize themselves already with the software and new solution methods.
  • As part of a workshop, we develop a technical concept for you from the analysis to the program configuration to the migration with existing toolchains. At the end, you receive a complete simulation model, specific documentation, the project plan with timeline and investment plan as well as a migration scenario for a future integration.

ESI ITI’s simulation solutions are highly customizable. Based on an agreed program configuration, the right features, the preferred license model as well as add-ons and interfaces, we are able to provide you with a turnkey solution for your specific needs. In trainings at the ESI ITI Academy or on-site, users sharpen their skills with the software through actual use cases from their daily work.

Once the software has been successfully implemented, we will not leave you on your own. Together with you, we find a suitable maintenance and support model tailored to your very needs. Support requests can be submitted through the helpdesk, via phone or email. The initial configuration is the basis for future modifications and additional modules. We are also aware that data protection is vital during operation. That is why our technologies fully meet today’s standards and our infrastructure is protected by a state-of-the-art firewall system. Your data is stored on servers in Germany and is transferred only through secure, encrypted channels to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

External factors are changing constantly and so do the requirements for product development and the necessary tools. SimulationX reflects these changes in the ongoing development based on customer requests and specific projects. Whenever your requirements change, our project managers are there to help you adapt with ease.

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