SimulationX for Universities

In order to bring theoretical fundamentals and practical experience together, SimulationX is the tool of choice for us.

Ass. Prof. Christian Landschützer,
Institute of Logistics Engineering

Simulation software developed by engineers for young engineering talents

Be it for research purposes or for comprehensible teaching of physical-technical correlations as part of the academic education: SimulationX supports research projects and is easy to integrate in your educational workflow. With ESI ITI’s proven simulation software, you are able to enhance the quality of your seminars and your research, while preparing your students for their future jobs. Students learn gradually how to develop their own simulation models. With the help of the modeling language Modelica®, they are able to develop new library elements and extend existing ones. A comprehensive documentation describes the behavior for each library element. The simulation environment includes analysis methods which help obtain reliable results and correct interpretations. ESI ITI supports lecturers and tutors with the implementation of the software into their lectures and seminars and also helps with technical questions.


All the benefits of SimulationX for universities at a glance

SimulationX is a cutting-edge modeling and simulation software that is used by renowned companies around the world and is thus well suited for educational purposes. Introduce your students step by step to the world of modeling and system simulation: with almost 300 example models from across all physical domains, your students will find it easy to understand physical correlations. A great number of ready-to-use model elements ensure a quick start to the modeling experience.

  • 500 ready-to-use elements grouped in application-specific libraries
  • Nearly 300 industry-specific example models from 12 engineering disciplines
  • Versatile physical models based on an object-oriented, network-based and acausal approach
  • Clear and easy-to-read model structure (similar to circuit diagrams known from textbooks)
  • Easy and intuitive access to the software through a familiar graphical user interface for students and research assistants
  • 3D view for better visualization and examination of the model structure

  • Fully custom developments --> supported by graphical assistants for creating and extending library elements (TypeDesigner, FluidDesigner etc.)
  • Open to Modelica® libraries

  • Simulation in the time and frequency domains
  • Equilibrium calculation
  • Power balance
  • Order analysis
  • Graphical visualization options, such as state charts and energy flow diagrams

  • Well-structured and transparent introduction process with close support from ESI ITI
  • Support for the integration into the academic workflow and research
  • Access to a broad network of industrial and academic partners in research and development

  • CAD software
  • FEM software
  • MATLAB/Simulink
  • HiL platforms

  • Free Student Edition available online
  • Training offers at the ESI ITI Academy and numerous publications
  • DIY approach to help through ESI ITI’s knowledgebase including documentations, tutorials, library sheets etc.
  • Sponsoring of student projects, e.g. Formula Student

ESI ITI inTouch brings SimulationX users from various industries and universities together

Do you want to promote your faculty department throughout the national and international research landscape and support prestigious research projects? Trust our ESI ITI InTouch network!

ESI ITI inTouch

Why ESI ITI is the right research partner

  • Attractive special conditions for universities and other educational bodies for non-commercial use
    • Comprehensive library package with basic libraries of all SimulationX domains
    • All analysis methods (transient and steady-state simulation, equilibrium calculations, power balance etc.)
    • Complete interfaces with MATLAB/Simulink
    • FMI import
  • Broad ESI ITI network across various industries, research institutes and trade magazines for
    • the exchange of experiences (e.g. at the ESI SimulationX User Forum)
    • finding open vacancies and internships to write papers and theses
    • the application for funding and third-party funded projects
    • the publication of articles
  • Access to user workshops and trainings at the ESI ITI Academy and the comprehensive knowledgebase on system simulation
  • Experts for software and engineering under one roof
  • Personal technical support
  • Well-structured and transparent introduction process with close support from ESI ITI

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