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The brand new version of the proven software solution for dynamic system simulation! Experience unmatched usability and interactive modeling to explore new applications with 12 new model libraries.

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System simulation

Computer-aided modeling, simulation and optimization of technical systems

If the examination of a real object is impossible or requires great effort, a model comes in handy. It breaks down the object’s properties and creates conditions that make an analysis more feasible. Systems consist of several elements which interact with each other. A simulation is an experiment with a model which helps to make predictions about a system’s behavior under certain conditions. The physically-correct simulation model should be designed in a way that the technical aspects at hand can sufficiently represent realistic behavior. Only then can computer simulation provide realistic results for various scenarios at much lower costs. Long time intervals and numerous variations can be calculated through computer-based simulation in no time.

Learn more about system simulation and why it is the tool of choice across all kinds of industries.

System Simulation

ESI ITI GmbH – Software and engineering services from Germany

ESI ITI GmbH, founded in 1990 and based in Dresden, Germany, is an international software and engineering company in the field of systems simulation. ITI develops and sells the standard simulation software SimulationX for designing, modeling, simulating and optimizing dynamic, nonlinear systems. If you commission ITI, you can expect the necessary expertise in software development combined with engineering skills from industrial projects and scientific research.

References of customers and partners
  • BMW Group

    SimulationX is used by the BMW Group for the simulation of Bowden cables in virtual vehicles.

    About BMW's project
  • Romonta

    Romonta uses SimulationX to optimize operations of their mining equipment.

    About Romonta's project
  • Honda Research

    The Honda Research Institute Europe (HRI-EU) uses SimulationX for researching smart energy management.

    About HRI's project
  • Voith Paper

    Voith Paper excels at making high-quality paper machines by using SimulationX.

    About Voith's project
  • Liebherr

    SimulationX enables Liebherr in Bischofshofen to optimize operator comfort and vehicle dynamics of wheel loaders

    About Liebherr's project
  • Alstom Transport

    Alstom Transport uses SimulationX to design and optimize drive and suspension systems for trains.

    About Alstom's project
  • Bureau Veritas

    Bureau Veritas relies on SimulationX as a system simulation tool for torsional vibration calculations.

    About Bureau Veritas' project
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