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In the conflict between scarce resources and time pressure – ESI ITI engineers see you through the product development phase from software evaluation and building of simulation models down to the interpretation of the simulation results and provide support for an efficient use of SimulationX.

Development service provider with overall system expertise

The design of modern drive systems, machines and plants must cope with complex interactions between the mechanic, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, magnetic and thermal subsystems. Engines, motors, regulators, controllers and transmitting components must be perfectly matched in both energetic and dynamic terms. Fluid power systems are among the most complex applications: large number of components, highly sophisticated geometries, non-linear behaviour, varying physical requirements and the abstraction of real-word components and sub-assemblies in simulation models are extremely challenging for engineers. Our proprietary SimulationX system simulation software requires ESI ITI engineers to act as engineering service providers in the accurate analysis of dynamic systems. So we increase the efficiency of your product development and raise your competitiveness potentials. 

Modeling & simulation

Assistance in the dynamic design of drive components and drive systems

For the development of novel drive systems it is indispensable to model each of the components at different depths of detail in agreement with the requirements in order to be able to effectively optimise the overall system. In most cases, this raises multiple engineering questions to which we will find the answer for you and together with you on the basis of our SimulationX software and our engineering expertise. 

We offer the following exemplary development services:

  • Energy-efficient low-vibration design
  • Gearbox modelling and gearshift comfort analyses
  • Dimensioning of torsion dampers and dual-mass flywheels
  • Vibration isolation and vibration generation
  • Electromechanical motor models with actuators
  • Assistance in modelling and simulation of hydraulic drive and control systems
  • Component and drivetrain tuning on models of complete motor-car drivetrains
  • System analysis for air-conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Engineering project examples across industrial sectors and applications

Assistance in creating and adjusting simulation models

The quality of the simulation results depends entirely on the quality of the existing parameters and the underlying calculation model. Rely on our modelling and simulation expertise, so you can concentrate on your engineering business: We specify together your requirements, abstract the real-world components, and then develop the related model for you (inclusive of the determination or estimation of missing parameters) or adjust your existing model. 

We offer you development services for the following exemplary applications:

  •  Network and reluctance models for electromagnets, for hydrostatic systems and electrohydraulic controllers
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning systems in buildings (computer centres, cleanrooms, household appliances) and vehicles
  • Controlled clutch-brake systems
  • Hydraulic and compressed-air brake systems inclusive of all components
  • Air spring systems
  • Motor car synchronisations
  • Wheel suspension with vibration damper
Analysis & interpretation

Engineering support for analysis and optimisation

One of the objectives of simulation is to optimise the vibration behaviour of new as well as existing products both for mechanical (loads, wear, life) and energetic aspects (damping, efficiency). There is a broad range of possible approaches and analysis methods – but which of them are the most useful? ESI ITI engineers know the different analysis methods and their applications, analyse the simulation results together with you and develop ways to further optimise your products. This will give you deeper insight into the system, the influencing variables and the working mechanisms and at the same a reliable technical basis for investments, e.g. in modernisation or conversion measures. 

We offer you development services for the following exemplary applications:

  • Efficiency analyses in consideration of non-linear losses of any kind
  • Kinematic analyses, resonant-frequency and vibration analyses
  • Analysis of non-uniform transmissions and drives
  • System analysis of existing designs in order to find and remove potential weaknesses and ensure proper functionality
  • Analysis of the behaviour of fluid power systems, e.g. pressure and proportional valves, energy-efficient pneumatic handling systems
  • Analysis of controller concepts and parameters to assess their interaction with mechanical and hydraulic components
  • Evaluation of comfort improvement measures and active load damping systems

Qualitative and quantitative interpretation of simulation results

Modern simulation programs make it possible to model and calculate the entire system very quickly. The engineers then have the task to evaluate the validity and usability of the simulation results (e.g. forces and motions, mass and pressure flows), to understand and interpret the physical and mathematical aspects of the effects and phenomena and to draw the right conclusions. Based on our many years of project experience, we know the generally applicable principles and methods for the control and evaluation of simulation results, and we share this knowledge within the scope of engineering service projects and training courses of the ESI ITI Academy.

We offer you development services for the following exemplary applications:

  • Application of similarity laws to vibration problems
  • Fourier analysis and methods of time-frequency analysis
  • Trend interpretation in the time and frequency domains
  • Evaluation of calculated resonant frequencies and natural oscillations Evaluation of energy distribution, impact forces and modal harmonic estimates and approximations on the basis of fundamental physical laws
  • Interpretation of the behaviour of complex, linear systems from a modal perspective
  • Analysis of non-linear and parameter-excited systems
Product development chain

Ensuring a continuous tool chain

Current development processes use different methods and software programs for system analysis and multiphysical simulation. As a result, engineers need to address a wide range of development challenges. Together with you we define the required interfaces to your existing development tools thereby ensuring full integration of SimulationX into your product development chain. We automate your development processes through specific SimulationX interfaces to numerous CAx tools, post-processing programs and open interface standards like FMI.

Active support in the evaluation phase

Our engineers and SimulationX software testers see you through the evaluation phase. Depending on how much you know already and how experienced you are in virtual system simulation, we can start e.g. with a service project to work together on solving a specific task, or with a workshop to develop and assess the technical benefits of your conceptual framework. For we want to make sure that, at the end of the evaluation phase, you have a perfect decision-making basis for future action.

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Benefits from ESI ITI engineering services

Flexible and solution-focused management of capacity bottlenecks
The ESI ITI engineer's work is entirely focused on your specific project. You can be sure that your important development task is carried out properly and brings results within the given time frame.


Result-oriented ways to find and fill gaps in knowledge
ESI ITI project engineers are specialised in the modelling and simulation of complex technical systems. You can rely on their excellent qualifications, long experience in a broad range of projects and our proprietary SimulationX system simulation software. ESI ITI engineers are judged by their results and know how to deliver them for successful on-schedule completion of your project.


External knowledge to the benefit of customers
ESI ITI project engineers bring a high degree of expertise and knowledge to your development team by sharing their knowledge with your specialists during the project teamwork. This expert know-how remains with your company and can continue to grow after the project.

Why ESI ITI as engineering service provider?