SimulationX Academy

ESI Germany has organised training courses for calculation engineers for many years. Whether you wish group courses in the rooms of ESI Germany or personalised training in your premises – we offer a broad range of seminars and training courses around system simulation. 

Training programme

For detailed information on specific training contents please consult our Training Programme.

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Training dates 2020

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The seminars of the SimulationX-Academy are mainly intended for calculation engineers, technicians and scientists wishing to extend and broaden their knowledge of SimulationX in terms of system simulation. 

We constantly improve our SimulationX software to provide you with the required modelling and simulation functionalities enabling you to perform your computing tasks in a result-oriented, sustainable and efficient way. In the seminars of the SimulationX Academy we train you to all aspects of simulation and show you how to use the software effectively. You will also learn more about applications, functionalities and use potentials of the simulation software with the help and assistance of experienced ESI  engineers as your trainers. We will give you enough time for exercise and testing with many practical examples selected from a broad range of service projects to enable you to retain most of the new knowledge and apply what you learned to everyday business situations.

Training courses

SimulationX training courses: Knowledge adds value

If you wish to book a training course of the SimulationX Academy, visit the customer centre and make your reservation online. Our current training offers are:

  • Basics
  • Extended modelling
  • Methods of calculation and analysis

  • Mechanics (1D)
  • Planar mechanics
  • Multibody systems
  • Hydraulics
  • Thermal
  • Pneumatics
  • Acoustics (1D)
  • Electronics, electromagnetics, electromechanics
  • Electrical power and signal analysis (1D)
  • Controls

  • Drive systems
    • Electric drives
    • Combustion engines
    • Gears
    • Torsional Vibration Analysis (TVA)
  • Hybrid drivetrains
  • Mechatronics
  • Driving dynamics
  • Energy design (Green Building)

  • Code Export
  • FEM and CAD import
  • Steady-state simulation
  • Interfaces
  • Modelica
  • Debugging and model optimisation
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Safety Designer
  • Sensitivity analysis, optimsation and calibration of SimulationX models with optiSLang
  • Interpretation of results

Training programme

For detailed information on specific training contents please consult our Training Programme.

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Finding a simulation software that suits you best

Whatever your level of experience in simulation, whether a novice or old hand – SimulationX is available both at entry and higher levels. Find out which version suits you best.

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