Forum Energy Technology

ESI SimulationX User Forum, November, 24 - 25, 2016

From HVAC, energy supply for buildings and living quarters to heat storage, local heat grids and batteries to wind turbines and power plant technology: system simulation offers a broad array of applications in the energy sector. Gain exclusive insight into the workflow of SimulationX users from the industry and get tips and tricks first hand from our simulation experts in practical workshops.

Day 1

Session leader: Alex Magdanz, ESI ITI


Improving Energy Efficiency using Transient Refrigeration Cycles
Michael Löffler, Engineering Office Löffler
11 AM: room Hamburg II

Holistic District Heating Grid Design with SimulationX/Green City
René Unger, Torsten Schwan, EA Systems 
11.30 AM: room Hamburg II

Practical Experiences with Smart Homes Modelling and Simulation
Wessam El-Baz, TU München 
12.00: room Hamburg II

Best Graduate Thesis Award

Occupant Behavior of a Plus Energy Building Regarding Monitoring and Standard Values
Henryk Haufe, HTWK Leipzig
4 PM: room Hamburg

Interactive Session

Hands-on workshop: Simulating coupled electricity and heat grids for urban districts

Get an exclusive introduction to efficient ways of modeling and simulating energy systems for municipal quarters from Torsten Schwan, expert for energetic simulations of buildings, building complexes and quarters.


  • Overview of the library’s structure and content
  • Live modeling demo
  • Tests with custom models
  • Recommended for: Non-users interested in energetic simulation of living quarters and users of the SimulationX library “Green Building”
  • Objective: Introduction to the “Green City” library and its application areas
  • Duration: 1,5 h
  • Slot/location: 2 -3.30 PM, room St. Petersburg
  • Moderator: Torsten Schwan; EA Systems Dresden
Day 2

Session leader: Dr. Christoph Clauß, Fraunhofer IIS EAS

Presentations Morning Session

Dynamic Behavior of Steam Power Processes
Jan Braune, Jan Scheffler, TU Hamburg Harburg
11 AM: room Hamburg I

Reproducing battery operating behavior – from measurements to battery simulation
Dominik Dvorak, Thomas Bäuml, AIT
11.30 AM: room Hamburg I

Suitability of a buoy to measure wave heights on inland lakes
Gerd Fischer, BTU Cottbus
12 AM: room Hamburg I

Session leader: Jan Scheffler, TU Hamburg Harburg

Presentations Afternoon Session

Live Presentation of an intelligent 3D Module Configurator and Model Evaluation System of Power Train System in the Field Power Generation
Thomas Günther, FAB
2 PM: room Hamburg I

Additional loads in the mechanical drive train of wind turbines caused by electrical grid deviations
Werner Horn, Katrin Peter, SKF
2.30 PM: room Hamburg I

Power Plant Simulation with SimulationX using the Modelica Library ClaRa
Dr.-Ing., Lasse Nielsen, Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Gottelt, Alex Magdanz, XRG & TLK & ESI ITI
3 PM: room Hamburg I

Hands-On Seminar

Seeing is believing – Visualize and communicate your results!

Creative usage of the 3D view in SimulationX improves your knowledge of a model’s structure and your understanding of the simulation results making your presentation the more convincing! Join our project engineers when they demonstrate the possibilities and how you can use control elements, indicators and animated icons in the diagram view.

  • Get tips and tricks first-hand on how to use the 3D view, control elements, indicators and diagrams.
  • Learn how to make the most of the Modelica annotation for animated icons.



  • View your simulation results in a comprehensible fashion
  • Identify simulation errors at an early stage with the help of visualizations
  • Communicate your results to management and customers
  • Recommended for: Engineers who build their own models or libraries
  • Duration: 1,5h
  • Slot/location: 11 - 12 AM, room St. Petersburg
  • Session leader: Alex Magdanz, Thomas Neidhold
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