Interactive Session

ESI SimulationX User Forum, November, 24 - 25, 2016

Experienced ESI ITI engineers and software developers demonstrate in interactive workshops how to use new functionalities. They also share tips and tricks for a more efficient workflow with the software. Suitable exercises help participants to apply their new knowledge to practical examples.

Day 1

Interactive Sessions

Workshop: Powertrain Modeling

What does the powertrain of the future look like? Where are we headed in the development of vehicles? In this workshop, experienced ESI ITI engineers give you a tour through the simulation of powertrains with numerous practical examples for you to reproduce focusing on modeling single components, analyzing vibrations and frequencies, order analyses, mechatronic powertrain simulation, real-time modeling and code-based interfaces in SimulationX.

  • Content: Creating basic elements in the TypeDesigner as well as modeling and analyzing complex powertrains in SimulationX
  • Recommended for: engineers with knowledge of 1D mechanics
  • Duration: 1,5h
  • Slot/location: 11 - 12.30 AM, room Rotterdam
  • Session leader: Tom Wiedemann

Discussion: User requirements for a simulation tool for rolling stock

  • Suitable for: Users and non-users
  • Objective: Exchange with the SimulationX community, description of the requirements for future tool developments
  • Duration: 0.5 h
  • Time/Room: 12:00-12:30 PM, room Florenz
  • Moderator: Jörg Arloth

Hands-on workshop: Simulating coupled electricity and heat grids for living quarters

Get an exclusive introduction to efficient ways of modeling and simulating energy systems for municipal quarters from Torsten Schwan, expert for energetic simulations of buildings, building complexes and quarters.


  • Overview of the library’s structure and content
  • Live modeling demo
  • Tests with custom models
  • Recommended for: Non-users interested in energetic simulation of living quarters and users of the SimulationX library “Green Building”
  • Objective: Introduction to the “Green City” library and its application areas
  • Duration: 1,5 h
  • Slot/location: 2 -3.30 PM, room St. Petersburg
  • Moderator: Torsten Schwan; EA Systems Dresden

Simulation Task – From Paper Sketch to Layout

Do you also still prefer the proven methods of the old days? Do you trust pencil and paper more than bits and bytes? Then let us take you through this workshop where you can take your first steps in a virtual development environment. We show you that traditional methods and new technologies can perfectly fit together. From the sketch on paper to the virtual prototype, we model with you a multi-body system of a two-wheeled vehicle with the necessary drives. This includes the controller layout with all parameters for self-balancing. Influences of disturbance variables on the system and optimizations of the controllers are also part of the exercise. Finally, you will perform a series of simulations of your model and prepare a code export for real prototype tests.

  • Content: Modeling a multi-body system of a two-wheeler with appropriately dimensioned drives
  • Recommended for: Engineers with Knowledge in Physics, Control Engineering and Multi-body Systems
  • Duration: 1,5 h
  • Slot/location: 2 - 3.30 PM, room Rotterdam
  • Session leader: Salim Chaker, René Noack
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Day 2

Interactive Sessions

Open discussion: E-Learning

The ESI ITI Academy goes online – the well-known SimulationX training courses offer a new virtual option. After an inspiring presentation by Prof. Egger (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences), feel free to join an open discussion about the potential of SimulationX e-learning in education. Benefit from a lively exchange with academics on the use of SimulationX for an improved knowledge transf


SimulationX - the Challenge of modern Academic Lecturing on Applied Science Universities with focus to the "New Media"-Students Generation
Prof. Winfried Egger, FH Kärnten
11:00 AM

From SimulationX beginner to expert: E-Learning in science and education

Introduction to SimulationX e-learning
Concept: Integration of e-learning at universities
11.30 AM: Room St. Rotterdam

Discussion: Teaching the basics of system simulation - with SimulationX and e-learning

Self-study through e-learning: Will it replace traditional seminars?
Opportunities and restrictions of online forums as a knowledgebase?

12 PM: Room St. Rotterdam

  • Recommended for: teachers, tutors, lecturers and intructors from educational bodies or decision-makers on the recruitment of student interns and on additional employee training in companies
  • Duration: 1,5h
  • Time/Room: 11 AM - 12.30 PM, Room St. Rotterdam

Tutorial: Tips & tricks - system analysis

  • Content: Proper use of the analysis tools in SimulationX and result interpretation
  • Duration: 1.5 h
  • Time/Room: 11.00 - 12.30 AM, room Rotterdam
  • Session leader: Karsten Todtermuschke

How-to-Visualization: Seeing is believing – Visualize and communicate your results!

For more creativity in the modeling and simulation process, SimulationX offers a variety of options to use the 3D view with other model domains. The systematic application of model controls and indicators improves your workflow and helps increase the system knowledge. Animated icons for a better representation can be created with the Modelica annotation. But also custom elements with built-in visualizations ensure clear conclusions.

  • View your simulation results in a comprehensible fashion
  • Identify simulation errors at an early stage with the help of visualizations
  • Communicate your results to management and customers
  • Recommended for: Engineers who build their own models or libraries
  • Duration: 1,5h
  • Slot/location: 11 - 12 AM, room St. Petersburg
  • Session leader: Alex Magdanz, Thomas Neidhold

Tutorial: Modeling techniques for advanced users

  • Content: Learning and applying special modeling techniques from Modelica® in SimulationX
  • Duration: 1.5 h
  • Time/Room: 2 - 3.30 PM, room Rotterdam
  • Session leader: Sebastian Grützner

Tutorial: Debugging

  • Content: Learning and applying special modeling techniques from Modelica® in SimulationX
  • Duration: 1.5 h
  • Time/Room: 2 - 3.30 Uhr, room St. Petersburg
  • Session leader: Andreas Abel, Uwe Schnabel
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