Simulating Agricultural Machinery

During the development and construction of agricultural machinery, forestry equipment or municipal vehicles, engineers rely on system simulation with SimulationX and on the knowledge of the ESI ITI simulation experts for their modeling tasks.

Across the entire product range of agricultural machinery, you will see the benefits already during early design stages involving:

  • improvements to the performance and energy efficiency,
  • virtual tests of different operating profiles,
  • compliance with environmental and health and safety regulations,
  • improvements to the driving comfort,
  • optimizations for a better interaction between machine and bulk material,
  • the development of smart control software,
  • risk-free tests of new technologies, such as autonomous operations, in order to back up future investments.

The engineers at Liebherr Bischofshofen say: „The development of innovative construction machinery with SimulationX allows for early analyses in the design process and spares us expensive prototypes.“

Read more about system simulation for mobile machinery here.

From first feasibility studies to developing components and machines to virtual commissioning and training – the common goal is always to understand and master complex mechatronic correlations.

Do you happen to have a particular application from your daily work that is giving you a hard time? Ask our ESI ITI engineers for their opinion and see for yourself how your application can benefit from system simulation.

Simulating Agricultural Machinery

Peter Becker, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Mobile Maschinen | O+P Fluidtechnik meets Jörg Arloth, Sales Manager ESI ITI at this year's AGRITECHNICA.

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