SimulationX at TU Chemnitz

Calculating highly dynamic handling and hoisting processes in rope structures fast and easy

Learn more about the potential of system simulation in the development of belt drives for yarders and how it can support users to meet the various requirements efficiently.

The task at hand

Optimization of belt drives for yarders

For the development of cutting-edge drive systems, it is necessary to consider all components and their interactions as a whole. This means that a project engineer needs to be able to model and simulate the entire system including loads, the mechanical drive, motors and the control units in one working environment. At the Chemnitz University of Technology interpretation of a yarder’s mechanisms including the carraige was carried out using the simulation software SimulationX.

The solution

SimulationX for the design of rope mechanisms

If undesired oscillations and overload are to be avoided, comprehensive multi-physics analyses of the entire system are vital. Powerful software applications form the basis for a successful design combining various physical domains including mechanics, control engineering etc. in a single working environment. A collection of model elements grouped together in libraries in SimulationX, such as the Belt Drives library, provide a solid foundation for a user-friendly modeling experience. This enables the user to adapt the model’s complexity efficiently as they see fit. The successful modeling in SimulationX allows for calculations and analyses of highly dynamic effects of wire ropes.

The benefits

Avoiding overloads

Simulations in SimulationX of these particular models took about 60 seconds for an entire lifting and transport cycle of 50 seconds and delivered results that matched previous experience and measurements. Comparable models would take much longer in other programs to be computed. This approach with SimulationX thus saves a great deal of time both during the modeling process and the simulation as such.

Simulation in the development of mobile machinery

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