About ESI ITI GmbH

Since its foundation in 1990 ITI has grown continuously and become a globally operating technology company.

Our ambition and commitment every day is to ensure that the ideas of our customers turn quickly into results and the results into success.

In 1990 a group of courageous engineers and scientists decided to set up the company ITI GmbH with headquarters in Dresden. They all came from a mechanical engineering background and knew from their practical development experience that conventional design methods were no longer able to meet the standards. The typical conflicting goals were deadline and accuracy. Another problem was that latest numerical controls of machines simplified the programming operations, but caused unknown and undesirable dynamical interactions with the mechanical system. Methods and tools for tasks of this complexity were rare at the time and isolated solutions at the most. 

Numbers and facts

  • The main site in Dresden employs almost 70 people.
  • SimulationX has more than 700 customers worldwide.
  • ESI ITI operates in more than 12 industries, e.g. automotive, power engineering, aerospatial industry, medical engineering, mining, rail vehicles, mechanical construction, ship building as well as oil and gas industry.

In 1992 ITI developed the simulation software ITI-SIM for the dynamic simulation and drivetrain analysis – a unique combination of engineering expertise and software development know-how. This tool made it possible to change a complicated expert-level problem into a simple thing for development engineers and make complex calculations accessible to a completely new group of users. That is what we stand for still today and what the name ITI ("Ingenieurtechnische Informationsverarbeitung") says: engineering information processing. 

In the beginning, the founders still pioneered the digitalisation of machine and plant design processes, because "simulation" was almost exclusively a matter of research. Then the reciprocal dynamics between mechanical, hydraulic, drive and control components became more and more pronounced over the years. Due to the increasing complexity of plant and machinery, an analysis and evaluation of the complete system became indispensable. This is the context in which ITI and its customers developed into system simulation and in 2002 SimulationX was finally rolled out. 

2015 - The basis idea to develop software and associated services for the dynamic response of complex plant and machinery has become today's best known software brand in the field of system simulation in Germany: SimulationX is meanwhile among the basic tools of efficient product development and design departments, as can be seen from the long list of references in the different industries. Since its foundation in 1990 ITI has grown continuously and become a globally operating technology company.

2016 - As of January 2016, ITI is part of the ESI Group. This acquisition thus provides an opportunity to significantly extend the field of application of ESI Group’s virtual engineering solution, which will henceforth be able to offer the combined real-time simulation of two fundamental, but separated stages in a product’s development cycle: concept development enabled by realistic modeling of 0D-1D systems and multi-domain virtual prototyping deployed in a 3D-4D immersive environment.


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