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NVH analyses of powertrains: From excitation to noise radiation

Join ESI's WEBINAR on System Modeling

System simulation has been a proven method for many years for efficient analyses of vibrations in the powertrain – from excitation in the combustion engine (or torque ripple in an electric motor) to the suspension/mounting of the powertrain to the loads (driving resistance, propeller etc.). Combined with Finite Element Methods/Boundary Element Methods (FEM/BEM), this creates a powerful toolchain for the evaluation of NVH behavior in terms of comfort and noise ranging from the vibration source to sound radiation.

Highlights of the WEBINAR:

  • Reducing vibrations perceptible to vehicle passengers for enhanced driving comfort
  • Identifying critical torsional stresses in a powertrain to increase vehicle safety and operational life
  • Minimizing undesired noise from powertrain components

Register now for the WEBINAR on Tuesday, July 10, 10:00 am (London); 11:00 am (Berlin); 2:30 pm (New Delhi); 5:00 pm (Beijing); 6:00 pm (Tokyo):