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Workshop “Simulation-Based Development of Industrial Machinery” met with positive response

Decision-makers and developers of machine manufacturers and plant operators in the fields of processing machines and handling and packaging technology came together in Dresden at the beginning of this week to attend the ESI ITI Academy workshop “Simulation-Based Development of Industrial Machinery – From drive simulation to virtual commissioning”.

They discussed application scenarios for multiphysics system simulation which shorten the development and commissioning times of machines and plants. Whether energy efficiency, condition monitoring using a Hybrid Twin™, industry 4.0 or adaptive production, market requirements were discussed that manufacturers and operators can only meet by simulating the various technical systems of a machine or plant.

The seminar has been met with great approval, which led to the decision to organize a follow-up event.

For more details, please contact: Dr. Jan Hepke, Account Manager Industrial Machinery, via telephone +49 351 26050-262 or e-mail jan.hepke[at]

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