Simulation Software SimulationX

for beginners
  • Application packages for typical development tasks
  • Ready-to-use simulation models and pre-configured components
  • Quick results
  • Interfaces with Microsoft Office
for experts
  • Unlimited modeling – intuitive and fast with drag and drop
  • Fully integrated analysis options
  • More freedom through Modelica®
  • Complete solution for real-time simulations
for universities
  • Great number of ready-to-use model elements
  • About 300 example models from across all physical domains
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Free Student Edition available online

Our multiphysics simulation software SimulationX is made by engineers for engineers and is continually improved. You can count on SimulationX – ESI ITI’s well-proven simulation system comes with open interfaces, can be flexibly applied and is easy to use.


Benefits of SimulationX: Open. Flexible. Intuitive. Proven.

From many close cooperation projects with our customers and partners across various industries, we know the market requirements and your needs as a simulation engineer.

Your primary objectives are shorter development cycles and better, more reliable products? Then we have the right simulation environment for you and additional material in our Customer Center:

  • Open to company-specific requirements and processes
  • Flexible integration with many other tools
  • Intuitive to use
  • Proven for years

Open – simple integration of SimulationX into your product development

Based on the open Modelica standard, the simulation software SimulationX offers you a modeling platform which can be easily customized to your very needs and development tasks. You are free to use elements from the ESI ITI model libraries, derive new developments from them or create completely new model elements from scratch to save and manage them in your own libraries. You get a fully customizable tool for modeling and system simulation that can be extended any time. Specific interfaces with numerous CAx tools and post-processing applications as well as open interface standards, such as FMI, ensure a seamless integration of SimulationX into your product development chain.

Flexible – modeling multiphysical systems

Stay flexible with a vast number of different model libraries from various physical domains. Use our simulation software to combine mechanical components with elements from fluid power or control engineering, for instance. The many base elements as well as the numerous complex application models allow for sheer endless possibilities during the modeling process. 

You save both time and money as you can use the same model for various analyses and run different simulation tasks on just one platform. SimulationX is a versatile toolbox to help you understand and manage your technical system.

Intuitive – thanks to graphical modeling and 3D visualization

Make the most of the intuitive modeling and simulation approach and the graphical user interface in SimulationX to achieve a well-structured visualization of your model following the principle of “What you see is what you get”. Established engineering symbols in the diagram view and an optional 3D view help you navigate around the program and your model effortlessly. Use the structured diagram view and the 3D view also as a means of communication with your peer colleagues and your customers to get your message across.

Proven – over 25 years of simulation experience

Put your product development on a solid foundation. More than 700 customers and 25 years of experience in system simulation are proof of our software’s high performance and of our reliability as a business partner. Whether you need individual customizations, assistance with a project or technical support, our engineering and software teams help you pull out all the stops.

Numerous research papers underscore the significance of our simulation software SimulationX in industrial and scientific applications. Benefit from tailor-made enhancements to the program by our ongoing exchange with a broad user community.

System Requirements

System requirements SimulationX 4.0

Components Minimum requirements Recommended
Operating system Windows 7* Windows 10*
Main memory (RAM) 1 GB (2 GB for x64 systems) depending on application** min. 4 GB
Hard drive min. 2 GB depending on application**
Graphics 3D-capable video card depending on application**

* Latest service pack recommended.

** The main memory actually required varies by size and complexity of the model.

What kind of simulation type are you?

We will find out about that together in an individual assessment and software evaluation – free of charge. 

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