SimulationX SafetyDesigner

Risk assessments and reliability studies of systems in the automotive sector and in mechanical or marine engineering, for example, are subject to international standards and regulations. This SimulationX application package helps you optimize the operational safety of your machine already during the design phase.

Does my machinery pose a potential threat during operation to human lives or goods of any kind? And if so, how exactly? How reliable are the components and how likely is a system failure?

Risk assessments are subject to international standards and regulations, such as ISO 26262 in the automotive industry. Predict already during the design phase possible consequences should individual components or entire systemic functions fail. The SimulationX application package “SafetyDesigner” for beginners enables you to analyze potential risks reliably and to optimize your machinery’s operational safety early on.

Analyzing risks and increasing reliability with system simulation

The software application package “SafetyDesigner” contains the SafetyDesigner library for fault tree analyses including HiP-HOPS. The SafetyDesigner comes with a convenient user interface for reliability and impact analyses taking you step by step through the model elements’ configuration. The FTA tool, HiP-HOPS (Hierarchically Performed Hazard Origin and Propagation Studies), runs in the background and delivers accurate simulations and analyses for all sources of error.

The SimulationX application package “SafetyDesigner” for beginners is intended most of all for manufacturers, operators and certification agencies for:

  • automotive applications (e.g. brakes, drive and steering systems)
  • marine equipment (main and ancillary units, power supply)
  • aerospace technologies (jet engine controls, stabilizers)
  • energy technologies (cooling systems, control loops, fuel supply)
  • offshore equipment for signal and power transmission

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Safety and reliability analysis

Honda R&D in Japan has been successfully conducting model-based safety and reliability studies in SimulationX for years.

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How to use simulations for your risk assessment

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