SimulationX as Simulation Environment for Modelica

ESI ITI actively supports the development of the object-oriented modeling language Modelica* to become the standard in physical modeling of mechatronic systems. The language specifications and the Modelica standard library are freely available and are continuously improved and promoted by the Modelica Association.

Object-oriented modeling of mechatronic systems with Modelica

Modelica is a manufacturer independent language for object-oriented modeling of physical systems. With this modeling language, experienced simulation experts enjoy all the benefits of object-oriented modeling with SimulationX:

  • As a user you are completely free in designing new elements and entire libraries or when you extend existing library elements.
  • Within mode elements, you are able to reference directly to parameters and results of other model elements.
  • Models and custom library elements are saved as plain text and can thus be edited and compared directly.
  • The model’s behavior can be described with physical and signal-based elements. You can also use graphical networks, equation systems, algorithms and state machines.

Modeling and simulation with Modelica in SimulationX

Whether your models are based directly on the Modelica standard library or on other Modelica related libraries – your models will also run in SimulationX. Should you be already familiar with Modelica, there is no need for you to get used to something new – the modeling approach in SimulationX is the same as for Modelica:

  • Load a model file.
  • Change parameters through a graphical or text-based user interface.
  • Start the simulation.
  • Use the tool’s infrastructure for presentations of the simulation results.

The loaded Modelica libraries are shown in the SimulationX’ library tree structure. For the graphical representation of individual models and their connections, SimulationX uses the graphics and ViewInfo annotations in the Modelica text. SimulationX-specific analysis methods can thus also be used for your Modelica models. For modeling and simulating multibody systems, SimulationX offers multiple 3D views which can be displayed alongside the diagram view. Any models that were created with a compatible Modelica tool or editor are accessible in the SimulationX library tree.

Do you prefer a systematic approach in your modeling efforts? Just use the SimulationX TypeDesigner.

This assistant takes you step by step through the modeling process. It supports you also in creating and editing all sorts of Modelica classes (model, connector, record, block, function, package).

Would you like to gain deeper insight into the equation system during the computation? Make use of the many tracing and debugging options.

You can decide yourself at which point in the simulation process you want particular information provided. Of course, you can also access all these functions “remotely” through the universal COM interface.


*Modelica is a registered trademark of the Modelica Association. For further information please visit

Fast modeling of custom models with the SimulationX TypeDesigner

Model thermal systems, hydraulics, transmissions, pneumatics – in other words: the entire range of mechatronics – conveniently in SimulationX. 

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Modelica and SimulationX

Make the most of your existing Modelica libraries with the Modelica-based simulation tool SimulationX! Our engineers tell you how.

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