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We support you as you may need us. Your message to our support team does not end up somewhere in limbo, but goes straight to the ESI ITI ticket management system. Logged and prioritized, it is then assigned to the appropriate expert on our side.

Quick response times are our priority. This is why our support processes are closely entwined with our product development. 

Support requests for SimulationX

No matter how you contact us – your message will not get lost, but is automatically logged in our system. It is the very same system that all of our software developers and engineers use for their daily work. So you can rest assured that your request is dealt with by one of our experts. Solutions are always a good thing – especially quick ones. More than half of the requests coming in are completed within 24 hours. But sometimes, the quickest way is not always the best solution. Solving issues that are more complex, may take a bit longer. You can be sure though that we hang in there. Till the end.

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  • You will have to log in again once, because the saved access data are stored domain-based in your browser and does not yet exist for the domain.
  • At the same time we take the opportunity of the move to upgrade the software version of the Helpdesk to the latest update of the manufacturer in order to be up-to-date concerning security and usability.
  • If you have any questions regarding the Helpdesk or the upcoming domain transfer, please do not hesitate to contact us, also via Helpdesk Ticket.

Flexible support 

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert  in system simulation, with an industrial or academic background  – ESI ITI’s support can easily be adapted to your very needs. Our services for you are customizable on an individually contractual basis. Whatever suits you best. 

SimulationX is particularly user-friendly, because there are plenty of resources users can draw on when they are looking for help: 

  • For each element in the program, there is an explanation in the online help with additional notes on how to use it.
  • The printed copy of the user manual provides detailed descriptions for each feature.
  • The dedicated Library Manual comes with comprehensive explanations of all SimulationX libraries and with practical examples of how to use them.
  • The FAQ section in the Customer Center answers questions about the license management, the software installation and other typical aspects of SimulationX.
  • The dedicated Knowledgebase offers you example models and tutorials to familiarize yourself with the software and as learning material, but also library descriptions and case studies for further inspiration.
  • The ESI ITI Academy offers a broad spectrum of training courses to novices and experts alike, no matter if they already use SimulationX or are just about to get started. We want to enable users of our software to handle questions themselves that may arise from their daily work. This is both inexpensive and effective.

When we introduce you to the software or to a new model library, we provide you at the ESI ITI Academy with all the necessary theoretical and practical skills to run the software. Later then when you use it on a daily basis, you can get in touch with our experts through the helpdesk for all your technical questions. 

ESI ITI’s helpdesk team is there to answer all your technical questions quickly should you not be able to find a satisfactory answer yourself. Where applicable, we try to use practical examples to make explanations clearer. The direct contact between our software development and support teams guarantees that your requests and suggestions end up with the right person. 

ESI ITI’s engineers are happy to advise you on modeling tasks and model modifications. This includes:

  • Explanations about the modeling process with SimulationX libraries,
  • Dynamic design and optimization of drive elements and drive systems,
  • Qualitative and quantitative result interpretation and
  • System analyses of existing layouts in order to identify potential weak points.

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Help with SimulationX, access to the ESI ITI Academy and a customized knowledgebase for individual studies and ongoing success.

Customer Center

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Industry solutions

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